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Entering the Dungeon, The Strange Ambiance

Wang Yu, Fishing Master, Level 16!

Wang Yus words shocked everyone.

“A Fishing Master Youre not joking” The little fatty dug his ears hard, afraid that he had heard wrong.

“Thats the Fishing Master!” Wang Yu nodded.

“The situation is clear now.” The Assassin youth shrugged his shoulders. “The four of us with combat professions will go in. You, a lifestyle profession, will stay outside. Is that okay”

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“There are!” Before Wang Yu could refuse, Su Bai was the first to stand up and object.

“Ill only team up with Old Wang,” he said.

Su Bais words surprised everyone again.

“You have to think carefully. Not only is it safe to bring a burden, but do you want the first clear of the dungeon” The old Assassin stared at Su Bai.

“You dont have to worry about this!” Su Bai glared back, not to be outdone.

It was just the first clear of an instance dungeon. How could it be more important than Wang Yu

He could still tell which was more important.

“Youd better consider it carefully!” Another middle-aged man tried to persuade Su Bai.

“Theres no need to think about it. If Old Wang goes, Ill go,” Su Bai said firmly.

The air suddenly fell into a dead silence.

“What do you say now Are we waiting for a new person, the little girl to come back, or should we kick one out of the three” the little fatty asked with his arms crossed.

In fact, the current situation was very clear.

The little fatty healer, Su Bais tank, and Weng Lianxue, that girls damage output, were all essential for the dungeon.

So all they had to do was to choose between Wang Yu and Cheng Zhi, who was the young Assassin.

Weng Lianxue took a step forward. The middle-aged man wanted to stop her, but when he saw her shake her head firmly, he stopped talking.

She knew her own business very well. The one who had just left to level up was her friend, an auxiliary profession player.

Having two supports in a party was a huge taboo, not to mention in a situation where they knew nothing about the dungeon, which was even more dangerous.

As for waiting for the others to come...

Not to mention whether the person waiting for them was a tank, just based on the fact that someone had entered the dungeon before them, they couldnt wait any longer.

One step slower, every step slower!

She believed that for Wang Yu, who was a profession player, being able to reach Level 16 in such a short period of time, he must have his own special abilities.

She asked Wang Yu in a crisp voice, “How can we believe that you wont hold us back in this instance dungeon After all, this is a matter of life and death!”

Wang Yu nodded. It was a reasonable request.

If he wanted others to accept him, he naturally had to show some strength.

With a wave of Wang Yus hand, a large group of monsters outside the encirclement were instantly frozen.

Frozen across space!

He didnt even need to make a move, and he could instantly freeze the enemies in his sight!

Wang Yus move had instantly won over everyone present, except for the two Assassins.

Suddenly, Wang Yu felt a killing intent coming straight at him. Before he could react, the middle-aged man appeared beside him in an instant and sent a figure flying with a palm.

It was the old Assassin!

Wang Yu broke out in cold sweat!

I was too careless, I thought that the Assassin was only a Rank 2 and not a threat, I didnt expect him to be so immoral!

“Whats the meaning of this G Citys officials will be here soon!” the middle-aged man shouted. “Youre going to jail for killing a student for no reason at this time!”

Hearing this, the old Assassins eyes flickered, but he didnt dare to do anything.

Su Bai realized it later and raised his shield in front of Wang Yu.

“The four of you can go in!” The middle-aged man waved his hand and stared at the two Assassins.

Wang Yu and the other three nodded. After forming a team, they stepped into the light pillar.

Not long after they entered, more and more people came from all directions.


After a moment of dizziness, the four of them could finally see their surroundings clearly.

This was a dark forest, surrounded by old locust trees with luxuriant branches and leaves. Shadows could be seen.

In addition, it was midnight and there were no stars or moon. It was a good place to shoot horror movies.

Fortunately, on the surrounding mounds, there were unknown little flowers emitting a dim yellow light, so it was not so dark that they could not see their fingers.

Su Bai acted like a meat shield. He raised the shield and started to check the surroundings.

When he saw clearly what the light was, he couldnt help but curse, “F*ck!”

Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing at and suddenly felt their scalps go numb!

How were these little flowers they were clearly pairs of burning joysticks!

In ancient times, the dragon and phoenix wedding candles would only be lit in the room when they got married!

And behind the were many graves!



Upon seeing this, even Wang Yus heart tightened. The little fatty, Wu Haoyan, even pinched the corner of Wang Yus shirt.

“We... What do we do now” the little fatty asked.

“Lets wait,” Weng Lianxue said.

Usually, there would be a prompt when entering a dungeon.

“How should we distribute the rewards later” Wang Yu asked the key question.

The distribution of the spoils of war was the most important thing, and they had to discuss it in advance to avoid any disputes later.

“Same old rules!” Weng Lianxue said.

The so-called old rules were a default distribution method between wild professions, which was to rank according to damage output, damage sustained, and healing amount, from high to low.

“En!” The three of them nodded and agreed to the distribution method.

At this moment, a voice rang in their ears, [Welcome to the dungeon, Dark Old Forest.]


[In the quiet forest, the sound of the suona plays, the burning joysticks light up the winding path, and by the stream, melodious singing comes, guiding the lost travelers...]

[Be careful~]

[Clearing requirement: Kill the Red and White Ghost Kings!]

As soon as it finished speaking, the sound of suonas rang out from the depths of the forest, and there was also a faint singing voice.

It was clearly the joy of marriage, but the more everyone heard, the sadder they became, and the more they felt it seep into their hearts.

The strangest thing was that both the suona sounds and the singing were getting louder and louder.

It was as if it was heading toward them...

No! It was coming toward them!

“F*ck! How come I cant move” Su Bai cursed.

After his reminder, everyone realized that they were firmly pressed in place, unable to move no matter what.

“Dont waste your energy!” After struggling for a while, Weng Lianxue stopped everyones futile efforts.

“These are the rules of the dungeon,” she said. “You can think of it as a cutscene. You can only move after you have passed it.”

Hearing this, everyone gave up struggling and could only wait.

The sound of the suona was getting louder and louder, and there was also some broken laughter mixed in.

It was sharp and empty, making people shudder.

Finally, as the four of them waited nervously, they finally saw the true face of the voice.

On the left was a group of people carrying a red wedding sedan. Two people in front were carrying red lanterns with the wordjoy written on them. A few people were following behind, blowing and playing.

On the right was a group of people carrying coffins with a large奠 character written on it. The person in front was carrying a white lantern with the same奠 character. The people behind were jumping and scattering paper money, their mouths smiling.

On top of the coffin, there was a woman in a straw raincoat, singing an unknown song.

Whether it was the people in the red affair team or the white affair team, their faces were pale, and they had big red cheeks and lips, like paper people!

That is, if they could still be considered human.



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