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The Terrifying Wang Yu!

Wang Yu had already expected the Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghosts and Wedding Escorts to be able to break free from the ice, so he was not surprised at all.

There was no need to talk about the fierce ghosts. Before the coffin was broken, they were immune to attacks and were immune to all control.

This was the rule of the instance dungeon.

If one wanted to resist this rule, one could only use another rule.

When it came to the rules, it was a divine-level existence. The Frozen Fruits grade was obviously not that high.

As for the suona ghost...

According to the legends, the scapegoat locked in the palanquin would be burned alive by the joyous chariot. From this, it could be seen that these ghosts had mastered the power of fire.

As for the Frozen Fruits ability, it was most afraid of fire!

My level is still too low... Wang Yu thought to himself.

If his level was high enough, even if he was restrained by fire, he could still freeze these little ghosts to death!


Seeing that the ice seal was useless, Wang Yu raised his Ice Army Blade and attacked the little ghosts.

As he charged forward, he didnt forget to call out his Big Brother Goblin and let him deal with the frozen Funeral Imps.

Seeing Wang Yu charging over, the Wedding Escorts mocking expressions became even more intense, and they swung their suonas at him.

The little ghosts looked weak and small, but they were strong and heavy when they hit people. It was definitely not a good feeling to be hit.

Wang Yu barely dodged the suonas that were flying toward him. The icy aura burst out again, freezing them again.

Frozen Moment!

And this time, the Wedding Escorts unsealed even faster than last time.

However, this amount of time was more than enough for Wang Yu!

With a sweep, he sent two Wedding Escorts flying. As the ice shattered, the Wedding Escorts bodies also shattered on the ground. They were completely dead.

The Frozen Fruits freezing ability had a special characteristic.

Those who were frozen could only use their own heat to melt the ice or roast the ice.

If it was shattered by an external force, the body would shatter along with the broken ice!

At that time, whether they lived or died would depend on how the ice shattered.

Wang Yus powerful strike shattered the ice block into pieces.

The Wedding Escorts in the ice block were also dead!

Two out of ten!

After killing the two Wedding Escorts, Wang Yus mind moved and four ice spears flew out, targeting the four Wedding Escorts.

Ice Two-Pronged Spears!

As the ice spear was released right in front of their faces, it arrived in front of the four Wedding Escorts in an instant and pierced through their bodies before they could even react!

Four more!

Four ice spears flew out and sent the Wedding Escorts flying, exposing the other Wedding Escorts behind them.

Wang Yu took a step forward and swung his blade again, decapitating the half-melted ghost!

The blades momentum did not decrease, and it cut another Wedding Escort in half at the waist!

Two more!

It had only been three seconds since Wang Yu had frozen them!

Now, there were only two Wedding Escorts left!

When they saw their companions tragic death, they roared and pounced at Wang Yu.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain!

Wang Yu killed them one by one, sending them to the King of Hell.

Since then, a team of ten Wedding Escorts had all been taken care of by Wang Yu.

The little fattys eyes were wide open as he watched everything quietly.

Who was he

Where was he

What was he doing

He couldnt help but think of the three philosophical questions.

These were 10 elite monsters with attributes that far exceeded their own, and they were all killed by Wang Yu in seconds

Was this really a lifestyle profession A Fishing Master

If someone had told him that a Fishing Master could kill ten elite monsters in an instant, he would have taken it as a joke.

Now, after everything had happened in front of him, he had no choice but to believe it!

This was too ridiculous!

He, on the other hand, had not even managed to kill the first frozen Funeral Imps.

“Too awesome!” the little fatty quickly praised.

Wang Yu took a look and found that he was not as fast as his Big Brother Goblin. He said in a bad mood, “Whats the use of having you!”


The Big Brother Goblin had killed the Funeral Imps, and he was a class holder, but he was not even as good as a summoned creature!

“Ah, this...” The little fatty scratched his head. That seemed to be the case.

Wang Yu didnt waste any time. He walked up and cut each of the little ghosts into pieces.

Naturally, they couldnt be more dead.

After dealing with the Wedding Escorts, the rest would be easy to handle.

Wang Yu quickly caught up with the Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghost.

At this moment, the coffin carriage had already revealed its true appearance.

It was a thick cocoon with a long blood strip on it.

[Name: Coffin Palanquin]

[Level: 15]

[Ability: Elite]


[Attributes: Attack-, Magic Power-, Health Points: 200,000, Defense: 50% (Damage Reduction), Speed- (m/s)]

[Talent: Sealed Space]

[Skill: Martyrdom]

[Sealed Space: There is a special seal in the interior of the coffin, immune to internal attacks.]

[Martyrdom: When the coffin explodes, it will cause 20,000 true damage to enemies within a range of 5 meters.]

200,000! Looking at the health bar, the little fattys eyes widened again.

With their current damage output and 200,000 damage, it would take a long time for them to stand there and let them attack, right

Moreover, there was also a 50% defense damage reduction, and now there was one less core output.

Furthermore, they were not far from the river!

He could even hear the sound of running water by the river!

Ice Two-Pronged Spears!

With a thought from Wang Yu, four ice spears pierced into the coffin, causing its health bar to drop by a section.

However, in the face of that long health bar, it still seemed to be a drop in the bucket!

Wang Yu used his Ice Berserk Beak again, but it was still not enough.

He didnt use any other skills. Instead, he raised his Ice Army Blade and slashed.

The other skills were mainly crowd control, so their damage wasnt high.

Under Wang Yus frenzied attacks, the blood volume of the coffin palanquin dropped rapidly, but it was still not far from breaking through.

As for them, they were getting closer and closer to the river. Wang Yu could even see the waves of the river clearly, as well as the black shadow in the river that was restless and did not hide its malicious intentions!

Swish! Upon seeing this, the little fatty also used all his strength and smashed all kinds of props he had at his disposal.

Not to mention, the little fatty had caused quite a lot of damage, and even Wang Yu was slightly surprised.

The coffin palanquins health bar dropped rapidly, and the riverbank was getting closer and closer.

Just as the Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghosts foot was about to step into the river, the palanquins health bar still had a surplus of 20%.

And this 20% HP wasnt something that could be killed in an instant no matter how one looked at it!

Too late... The little fatty was a little dejected.

Wang Yus hands didnt stop for a moment, but his mind was madly thinking of a way to break out of this situation.

This was only an instance dungeon. Even if it was on hell difficulty, it should not be a dead end.

Based on past experience, no matter how difficult the instance was, when someone finally cleared it, they would find that the instance had its own way of breaking through it.

According to the mission, they had to break the coffins and save Su Bai and the others before the ghost team reached the river.

Otherwise, Su Bai and the others would be possessed by the Ghost King and killed.

The black shadow in the river was one of the Ghost Kings.

Could it be that the reason why it didnt come out and had to wait for the coffin to be filled with water before it could possess the body was because it couldnt come out

Therefore, the key was...


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The more Wang Yu thought about it, the more he felt that this was most likely the case. At the same time, he also had a way to break out of this situation!

Frozen Space!

His target was the river!



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