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Ice Aeon Shows Its Power Again, Surprised Everyone

Wang Yus idea was very simple. Since the Ghost King would complete its possession when the coffin came into contact with the water, then it wouldnt be a bad idea to let it not come into contact with the water.

Since he was unable to break the coffin palanquin, he could only do something to the water.

At this moment, the best solution was undoubtedly to freeze the entire river!

Youre a water ghost, not an ice ghost. What does your ability in the water have to do with ice

Besides, there was no loss in trying.

What if

If one wanted to test the freezing ability, the fastest skill would undoubtedly be the long-distance freezing.

Anyone or anything within Wang Yus line of sight would be frozen in an instant if he wanted to!

Just as the Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghost was about to step into the river, it looked down and saw that the water was gone. It had all turned into ice...

The Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghosts: ...

The Palanquin Fierce Ghost: ...

The spirit shadow: ...

Instance dungeon: ...

The little fatty: ...

Then, these Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghosts seemed to be dumbfounded. Their raised feet were suspended in the air, not knowing whether to lift or let go.

“Thats f*cking possible” the little fatty blurted out.

This was definitely a bug!

“Its really feasible!” Wang Yus eyes lit up, but his hands did not stop moving.

The remaining 20% of the palanquins health bar quickly bottomed out.

After Wang Yus last two-thorn spear, the coffin palanquins health bar dropped to 0, and it was instantly shattered into pieces!

Wang Yu made sure to land the last hit when he was far away, to prevent himself from being affected by the explosion of the coffin.

It was about to succeed, but it failed at the last moment...

Seeing this, the black shadow at the bottom of the river hit the ice frantically, wanting to rush out and tear these people who had ruined its good thing apart.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain.

After the coffin exploded, Su Bai and Wang Lianxue appeared where they were.

“Im finally out! I almost suffocated to death!” After Su Bai came out, he was shocked to see the frozen river in front of him.

They naturally knew what the mission was about. If they let the fierce ghosts enter the river, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Brother! Youre my brother from now on!” Su Bai howled and was about to hug Wang Yus leg.

He had just walked past the gates of hell. If it wasnt for Wang Yu, he would have lost his life.

“Stop it!” Wang Yu had used up a lot of energy in the fight just now, so he dodged Su Bais bear hug.

“Thank you!” Weng Lianxue also bit her lips and thanked him. She also seemed to be quite frightened.

“Youre welcome, were teammates. If youre feeling bad, you can let me have more of the equipment later,” Wang Yu said, waving his hand.

Weng Lianxue was speechless.

Seeing Wang Yus straight reply, the little fatty at the side looked like he was beyond saving.


As the four of them exchanged greetings, an angry roar came from the side.

They were the eight Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghosts.

At this moment, their eyes were bloodshot. The coffins were broken, and their mission had failed. They had already entered a state of madness.

“I almost forgot about you guys!” Su Bai stomped hard, raised his shield, and rushed forward.

There was nothing much to say about the process of the battle. After losing the coffins, they were no longer in their immunity body state. Naturally, they were no match for the four of them.

Wang Yu froze one, Su Bai went up and used his shield to block one, and they were all killed in no time.

Not waiting for them to rest for long, the instance dungeons prompt sounded again:

[Youve ruined the Red and White Ghost Kings plan to take their places. The two Ghost Kings are very angry and are leading the little ghosts under their command to seek revenge on you!]

[Mission requirement: Kill the two Ghost Kings!]

“Theyre here!” Hearing the dungeon notification, the four of them were shocked.

Now that the appetizer was served, it was time for the main course.

The little fattys face turned bitter. “The small monsters in the first stage are already so difficult, the Ghost Kings after this will probably be even more perverted!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the ice on the rivers surface shattered with a loud bang. Then, with a crashing sound, pale hands reached out from the river and slowly but firmly climbed up to the shore!

In the old locust tree forest, there were also some rustling shadows. Su Bai looked in and saw that the graves were broken from the middle, and ghosts were crawling out one after another!

F*ck! Su Bai cursed in his mind.

When they were in the old locust tree forest, they had seen that there were at least hundreds of densely packed graves!

If one were to say that each grave mound corresponded to a ghost...

Wouldnt that mean that they would have to face hundreds of monsters

Not to mention the dense hordes of water ghosts that were trying to climb up the river. Their numbers were no less than the ones in the old locust tree forest!


The four of them realized the seriousness of the matter and used all sorts of methods to target the water ghosts.

Unfortunately, skills had little effect on them. After hitting them to the bottom of the water, they would jump up again in a short while.

[Name: Old Corpse of the Deserted Grave]

[Level: 15]

[Strength: Ordinary]

[Attributes: Attack 1,000, Magic Power-, Health Points 10,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Ghost Body]

[Skill: Bite]

[Bite: The Old Corpse of the Deserted Grave bites the enemy, causing additional damage. The enemy bitten will be infected with corpse poison.]


[Name: Water Ghost]


[Level: 15]

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[Strength: Battle General]

[Attributes: Attack 1,000, Magic Power-, Health Points 10,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Ghost Body]

[Skill: Water Ghost Body]

[Water Ghost Body: When in water, the Netherworld River will continue to heal the damage suffered by Water Ghosts.]

Wang Yus heart skipped a beat when he saw the Water Ghosts ability.

No wonder it was so difficult to kill...

“Stop!” he said to the three.

Seeing that the three of them were confused, he said, “There are too many ghosts. As long as they are in the water, one of them will be healed. Even if you run out of mana, you wont be able to kill many. Why dont you leave your skills to the Ghost Kings”

“Then what do we do” The three of them werent stupid. They had already noticed that something was amiss.

However, they didnt dare to stop. If the ghosts got close, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, this was only a way to quench their thirst with poison. When their blue bars were exhausted, they would still be drowned by the ghosts. At that time, only death would await them.

No matter how they looked at it, it was a dead end.

“Ill do it!” Wang Yu said.

Whether it was the Old Corpses of the Deserted Graves or the Water Ghosts, the most terrifying thing about them was their huge numbers.

In terms of individual attributes, they were not as good as the little ghosts from before, let alone the fierce ghosts.

Most importantly, they didnt have any control-free skills.

Wang Yu just so happened to have a skill to deal with these small fries!

Ice Aeon!

Wang Yu smacked the ground. Suddenly, with him as the center, a cold air quickly passed through the entire dungeon!


As Weng Lianxue and the little fatty looked on in shock. The entire dungeon was covered in a thick layer of frost. Even the Water Ghosts and Old Corpses of Deserted Graves were no exception.

“F*ck!” The little fatty exploded with vulgarities.

Just now, when Wang Yu was able to instantly freeze a river, he already thought that it was very exaggerated. He did not expect that he could even freeze an entire dungeon.

Su Bai was the same. Although he had seen it before, seeing Wang Yu use Ice Aeon again, he couldnt help but sigh at how abnormal this man was.

Weng Lianxue was even more surprised. This was the first time she had seen Wang Yu use this ability. She asked in a trembling voice, “A forbidden spell”



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