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Killing the Ghost King, First Clear of the Dungeon

“Im going to tear you into a thousand pieces!”

Wang Yu didnt take the White Ghost Kings threat to heart.

She was just a dungeon NPC. From the moment they entered the dungeon, they were already in a life-and-death relationship.


Wang Yus heart moved. He exerted strength in his legs and once again charged toward the White Ghost King.

With a thought, another four ice spears and a giant ice bird flew toward the White Ghost King.

“Is there a trap”

Although the White Ghost King was a dungeon NPC, she was quite intelligent. She immediately thought that Wang Yu was playing tricks.

As usual, she used her Ghostly Claw to knock away the ice spear and crush the giant ice bird. After that, the White Ghost King was highly focused, constantly keeping an eye on any possible sneak attacks from behind.

However, another cold light shot out from the ice shards and headed straight for her face!

This time, she was not as lucky as before.

The White Ghost Kings attention was focused on the possible sneak attacks from the side and did not expect Wang Yu to use the same trick!

The blade landed squarely on the White Ghost Kings face, leaving behind a huge gash that was emitting ghostly energy!

Wang Yu smiled when he saw that he had succeeded in one attack. As expected, these low-intelligence NPCs in the dungeon were easy to bully.

Wang Yu would not let go of such a good opportunity and would take her life when she was sick.

He turned the handle of his blade and pointed it at the White Ghost Kings waist!

The White Ghost King was furious. She charged at the blade and seized the opportunity when it was still in her body to grab the blade with her right hand while she formed a Ghostly Claw with her left hand and struck Wang Yus chest.

The two of them were too close, and the Ghostly Claw was fast. Wang Yu couldnt dodge in time and was smacked on the chest by the Ghostly Claw, sending him flying!

Looking at Wang Yu on the ground, the White Ghost King laughed.

This Ghostly Claw had landed solidly on Wang Yus body, and he would definitely not feel good!

Who knew that the next scene would make her a little dumbfounded.

Wang Yu did a backflip and got up from the ground. He patted the dust off his body and gave the White Ghost King a contemptuous smile.

Are you dumbfounded This little lord has free items!

“How can you be completely fine!” the White Ghost King roared in disbelief.

She had already lost a large amount of health, but Wang Yu had not taken any damage. Even the shield provided by the Steel Belt had not been reduced. How could she not be surprised

Wang Yu was too lazy to explain to an NPC. After forming a new Ice Army Blade, he charged forward again!

The battle that followed was a one-sided massacre.

With the bugged skill, Ice Body, the White Ghost King could not cause much damage to him.

The Ghostly Claw was like an itch to Wang Yu. As for the Ghostly Wail, he basically dodged it.

Even if he couldnt dodge a few times, he would use health potions afterward to recover the lost HP.

On the other side, the female ghosts health bar was almost empty.

“You should die!” the White Ghost King roared angrily, completely entering her final state of Madness!

She chased after Wang Yu madly, tearing everything between them, be it ghosts, old trees, ice, or boulders.

Wang Yu didnt confront her directly and started to tease her.

Every time the White Ghost King was about to catch up to Wang Yu, a thick ice wall would appear out of thin air and block her.

By the time she broke the ice wall, Wang Yu had already run far away.

This made the White Ghost King so angry that her teeth itched.

After a few times, the White Ghost King was finally afraid.

She had already realized that Wang Yu was not someone she could deal with.

She would die if this dragged on!

After understanding all this, she began to flee madly toward the river.

The river was her home ground. As long as she could return to the river, she would still have the power to fight!

Want to run

Wang Yu saw that the White Ghost King had started to escape and immediately gave chase.

Seeing that the White Ghost King had run to the river, how could Wang Yu not understand her intentions He pointed his finger in the air and froze the river surface that had resumed flowing again.

The White Ghost King was so angry that her eyes were about to pop out.

“Ice again! Youve ruined my plans twice!”

She angrily hit the ice, hoping to break the ice. Unfortunately, it was of no use. The entire river was frozen, and there was no river left.

The final outcome was self-evident.

Under Wang Yus frenzied attacks, the White Ghost King had no power to resist at all.

In the end, Wang Yu didnt even bother dodging the Ghostly Wail, which was the only thing that was effective against him. He took the damage and attacked her.

In the end, Wang Yu swung his blade and beheaded her!

The White Ghost King was dead!

The eyes of the White Ghost King were wide open. Even in death, she did not understand why she would die at the hands of such a weak-looking human.


When Su Bai and the others arrived, all they saw was a dead body.

There was also a wolf-like figure holding an ice blade in the snow.

He was like a swordsman in the martial world, desolate and lonely...

“Old Wang” Su Bai tried to call out.

“Im not dead yet!” Wang Yu said unhappily as he sat on the ground, panting heavily.

If it wasnt for his young age and strength, plus the fact that he had become a class holder and greatly strengthened his physical fitness, he might not have been able to complete such a high-intensity battle.

“F*ck, Big Brother is awesome! You actually soloed a Ghost King boss, and youre still unscathed!” the little fatty exclaimed in admiration.

Weng Lianxue bit her lips and accepted this fact.

She thought that she was the number one in her circle, or even the whole of G Citys Year 3 high school students. Even the profession that she had changed to was a hidden profession among the most powerful magic professions, Elementalist.

However, Wang Yus appearance made her put away her pride. She didnt even have the slightest temper.

Wang Yu should be the strongest among all the class-holders in China this year... She couldnt help but think.


“You guys settled it” Wang Yu asked Su Bai and the others.

“En!” Su Bai helped Wang Yu up, pointed at Weng Lianxue, and said in a low voice: “She used a few items. You didnt see it, but the boss HP was dropping like it was free.”

“I think the money from those props is enough to buy a house in G City!”

Wang Yu raised his eyebrows. It seemed that she was also a rich lady.

At this moment, the instance dungeons prompt sounded.

[Congratulations on passing the hell mode of the Dark Old Forest dungeon. Calculating the dungeon rewards for you!]

[The reward has been successfully calculated! Clear rating: SSS!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a class-specific weapon (legend!]

[Congratulations, youve gained Exp x2,000. Current experience: 89%!]

[Congratulations, you have obtained 1,000 gold coins!]

[Congratulations, youve received 20 omni points and 10 skill points!]

[Since you are the first person to clear this instance dungeon and have made the greatest contribution, you will be rewarded with an additional item!]

Wang Yus eyes lit up when he heard the announcement.

After half a day of hard work, it was finally time to reap the rewards.

Moreover, according to the announcement, the first clear of the dungeon was still theirs. The party in front of them had not succeeded.


Wang Yu didnt think much of it and turned to look at the dungeon rewards.

There was nothing much to say about the experience points. The first clear of the dungeon had increased his experience bar by 50%. He was not far from Level 17!

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In China, the exchange rate between gold and yuan was 1:100, so 1,000 gold coins were 100,000 yuan!

Then there were the omni points and skill points. There were limited ways to obtain them, so the more the better.

And then there were weapons. The weapon of a Fishing Master was naturally a fishing rod.

However, Wang Yu now had a divine-grade fishing rod. Even if the dungeon reward was a legendary-grade fishing rod, he still didnt like it.

Fortunately, it was of high quality and could be used to exchange for a fishing map.

However, these were all trivial matters. The most important thing was still the additional reward.

Wang Yu looked at the item and realized that it was an old acquaintance!

“This is...”

A coffin palanquin!



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