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Job Changing As a Fishing Master

Li Ming had a grudge with them. To be precise, he had a grudge with Wang Yu.

The reason was simple. Wang Yu beat up Li Ming.

Things were not as melodramatic as those in third-rate novels. It was purely because Ming Li wanted to be a school bully and wanted to find someone to establish his power. He happened to meet Wang Yu, who was handsome, so he touched Wang Yu with the excuse that he didnt give way to him.

In the end, Wang Yu fought against four people and beat Li Ming up until he couldnt get out of bed for a month.

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Because Wang Yu was acting in self-defense and had no parents, the school didnt even hold him up high and just let him down gently.

This made Li Ming quite angry. As time passed, the grudge between the two grew bigger and bigger.

As Wang Yus good friend, Su Bai was also targeted.

Li Mings action was self-evident.

Indeed, if Li Ming changed his profession to a good one, it was possible to reverse the situation of being crushed. Under the gazes of the two, Li Ming stepped into the class-change formation.

A minute later, he came out with a smile. He seemed to be in a good mood.

At this time, Elder Jiangs voice came from afar.

“Combat profession, [Shadow Assassin].” He nodded and said, “Not a bad job.”


Hearing this, Su Bai cursed in his heart.

The Shadow Assassin was a relatively rare combat profession. Although it was not as powerful as a hidden class, it was still much better than basic professions like Warriors and Mages.

Seeing that Wang Yu and the others had noticed him, he even made a throat-cutting gesture, which could be said to be very arrogant.

“F*ck!” Li Mings action really made Su Bai angry. He said: “Does he really think he can defeat us just because he changed his profession to Shadow Assassin”

Wang Yu shook his head and did not say anything.

Seeing this, most of the students in the class looked at Wang Yu with interest.

The whole school knew about Li Mings relationship with him, and it seemed like there was going to be some fun to watch.


The class change ceremony went on very quickly, and it was soon Wang Yus classs turn.

“Wu Yu,” Ma Dongmei said as she read the list.

As soon as she finished speaking, a girl nervously stepped out of the ranks and stood on the array.

Elder Jiang pointed at the magic staff, and the lines of the magic array lit up.

A minute later, the array was extinguished. Wu Yu stood in the middle in a daze, tears still in her eyes.

“Class change failed,” Elder Jiang said softly.

“Come down!” Ma Dongmei said with a sigh. After teaching for so many years, she was already used to this.

Hearing this, Wu Yu could no longer hold it in and immediately cried out.

Wu Yu was a cheerful girl and had a good relationship with the people in the class. Many people gave her sympathetic looks.

Ma Dongmei got someone to help Wu Yu down and continued to read, “Next, Qian An.”


Ten people went up in a row, and all of them failed to change their profession. Ma Dongmei was a little anxious on the spot.

Although the class-changing process was completely random, if there were too few people in a class who changed their professions, or if the quality was too poor, the form teacher of that class would be considered unlucky.

Those who were unlucky would be transferred from the front line.

Ten people in Class 3-9 had failed their class advancement in a row. Even Elder Jiang couldnt help but wonder if there was a problem with the array.

Of course, he knew that it was impossible.

“Wang Yu!” Ma Dongmei read out a name.

Wang Yu was the one with the best grades in their class. She hoped that he could change to a good profession, even if it was a lifestyle profession.

Ma Dongmei also knew that she was a little desperate, but what if something happened

Wang Yu naturally didnt know what Ma Dongmei was thinking. He took a deep breath and stood on the array under everyones gaze.

“Dont be nervous, child!” Elder Jiang tapped his staff lightly, and the lines of the array lit up.

In an instant, Wang Yu felt as if he had arrived in the starry sky, surrounded by countless stars.

“Wang Yu has the best grades in our class. Hes a good person too. I hope he can change to a good profession,” Ma Dongmei couldnt help but say.

“Whats the relationship between the quality of the class change and the results” Elder Jiang ruthlessly exposed Ma Dongmeis self-comforting words.

“But...” Ma Dongmei swallowed the words that were on the tip of her tongue.

Wang Yu, who was inside the array, naturally did not know what was happening outside.

“Welcome to the class-changing space.” A sweet voice rang out.

Ever since the game came into reality, everyone who came to the class-changing space would hear this voice.

“Matching classes for you. Please wait.”

Wang Yu waited nervously. After what seemed like a long time, or like an instant, her sweet voice rang out again, ”

“Profession matching successful. Congratulations on changing to [Fishing Master]!”

Wang Yu was dumbfounded.

A Fishing Master


A fisherman

The kind that the Air Force often uses

Of course, Wang Yu knew about Fishing Masters. One of the lifestyle classes was the so-called Fishing Master in his previous life.

If they could catch some fish with special effects, they could definitely sell them for a good price.

They were often in the Air Force, and this profession was better than nothing.

After all, it was just fishing, and it was not necessary for Fishing Masters to be able to fish.

Its better than nothing... Wang Yu could only comfort himself this way.

“Generating the initial panel for you. Please wait.” The sweet voice continued.

“The initial panel has been successfully generated. Please take a look.”

[Player: Wang Yu]

[Profession: Fishing Master Rank 1]


[Level: 10]

[Basic Attributes: Strength 9, Spirit 10, Constitution 9, Agility 9, Luck 10, Charm 10]

[Combat Attributes: Attack 9, Magic Power 10, Health Points 900, Mana Points 500, Defense 0 (Damage Reduction), Movement Speed 9 (meters/second), Attack Speed 1 (attack/second)]

[Equipment: None]

[General Skills: Inspect Lvl 1, Identify Lvl 1]

[Profession Skills: Fishing Level 1]

[Pet: None]

[100 Omni Points]

[Skill Points: 10]

Wang Yu opened the panel and found that his basic attributes were not bad.

The four basic attributes of strength, spirit, constitution, and agility, were all eight for a normal adult, but he had surpassed all four. His spirit had even reached 10, which was quite good.

But this still didnt change the fact that he was a Fishing Master.

Wang Yu took a quick look at it and closed the panel.

When he exited the class-changing space, he found that everyone was looking at him.

“Fishing Master,” Elder Jiang said. “Profession, Fishing Master.”

Upon hearing this, Ma Dongmei first heaved a sigh of relief, but then she felt a little regretful.

After all, Fishing Master was just a lifestyle profession.

Most of the people in his class were like this, or to be more precise, they didnt feel pity, but gloated and even mocked.

It was the same for those who had failed their class advancement.

Wang Yu couldnt help but laugh when he saw the peoples expressions change.

They heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that Wang Yu had successfully changed his profession, which meant that there was no problem with the array.

The gloating was just to make a fool of him.

Wang Yu didnt have a good relationship with most of his classmates.

Having lived two lives, his state of mind had long been different. Naturally, he could not play with those little brats, and seemed a little cold.

In the eyes of those people, this coldness became arrogance and posturing.

In addition, after Li Mings incident, no one was willing to get along with him.

Although Wang Yu had successfully changed his profession, he had changed to a lifestyle profession, and he was a Fishing Master, which was the most useless profession in the lifestyle profession.

Fishing was just a matter of swinging a pole. What was the difference between having a Fishing Master and not having one

At least, that was what they thought.



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