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Deal, Two Legendary Equipment

Back home, Wang Yu took a shower, lay in bed, and slept until the next morning.

After a good nights sleep, the fatigue from the two days outside had been swept away, and he had regained his spirit.

After a simple breakfast, Wang Yu called a taxi. After giving the driver an address, he sat in the car and started to use his phone.

[Shocking! Theres a new dungeon in G City, and its this difficult!]

[Some experts claim that the dungeons difficulty is in the top three of the same level!]

[What a beautiful boss. Are you willing to have such a female ghost as your bride [picture].]

[The luckiest person in history! Get the first clear of the dungeon while lying down!]

[City-toppling love! A heavens pride expert actually did such a thing!]


Wang Yu was speechless.

Unsurprisingly, the hot search on a certain blog was all about the dungeon of the Dark Old Forest yesterday.

Indeed, a high-difficulty dungeon suddenly appeared and was quickly cleared by someone with such a weird lineup. It was hard not to be on the hot search.

As for theluckiest person, it was naturally Wang Yu himself.

Wang Yu clicked on it and the comments section all agreed that he was just lucky and that the dungeon was cleared by two wastrels using items.

This was exactly what Wang Yu wanted.

He wasnt someone who liked to be in the limelight anyway, so this was just right.

Then, he looked down and saw the one about the ghost bride boss. His finger clicked on it without much effort.

The ghost bride was quite pretty, but it was a pity that he didnt see it with his own eyes in the dungeon.

As for going back to take a look... Forget it. The name-calling mechanism was too scary. If he had not been lucky enough not to be selected, he would have really mailed his head over.

This incident also reminded him that he had to find reliable teammates when he went into dungeons in the future. He could forget about forming random parties this time, but he didnt want to do it a second time.

When he was scrolling through a certain Weibo, he saw another message.

After they left, another team chose the hell difficulty. The result was that all four members of the team died miserably.

One of them was the Assassin who had competed with him for the position, Cheng Zhi.

Wang Yu was a little dumbfounded when he saw this kind of suicidal behavior.

I gave you a chance, but you didnt use it!

Soon, the car arrived at its destination. Wang Yu paid the driver and got out of the car.

It was a tall building, and many people were going in and out. Without exception, these people were all professionals.

Wus Trading Company.

The biggest professional equipment dealer in G City.

Yesterday, when he was chatting with the soldier who escorted him, he found out that the teammates he randomly formed had such an identity.

Wang Yu had come here to sell his equipment.

As soon as Wang Yu entered the door, he was immediately hugged.

Who else could it be other than the little fatty, Wu Haoyan

“Big Boss!” The little fatty patted Wang Yus back.

Seeing everyone staring at him, Wang Yu looked embarrassed and said in a low voice, “Lets go in first.”

Upon entering the guest room, Wang Yu ignored the little fattys resentful eyes and pushed his chubby face away.

He nodded at an old man who was obviously an appraiser and took out all his spoils of war.

This included the low-level equipment obtained from killing Goblins and Iron Skin Boars, the loot from robbing Wu Qi and the others, and the rewards from clearing dungeons, the New Hundred Wood Bow, and the Glorious Dawn Staff.

As for the Giants Bracer and Steel Belt, he kept them.

Seeing the table full of equipment, ranging from Level 10 to Level 45, from iron to diamond, everyones eyes twitched.

Did Wang Yu rob some guilds warehouse

Of course, they werent stupid enough to say these words out loud.

The old appraiser picked up the pieces of equipment and appraised them one by one. It took him a long time to complete the appraisal.

At the same time, he had an idea.

Wang Yu could even get his hands on Level 45 equipment. It seemed that he was not a good person!

“I wonder how our little friend Wang would like to trade” he asked Wang Yu.

Wang Yu didnt beat around the bush and said directly, “I want to exchange it for equipment, legendary equipment.”

Hearing this, the old man frowned and said impolitely, “With all due respect, you cant exchange these pieces of equipment for legendary equipment.”

The old mans reaction was within Wang Yus expectations.

Every difference in quality would result in a huge difference in attributes, and the price would also be different.

Not to mention that there was a huge difference between diamond and legend.

It was indeed wishful thinking for him to exchange diamond equipment for legendary equipment. Even if he added other equipment, there was still a big gap.

However, Wang Yus target was not the normal equipment.

“Youve misunderstood,” Wang Yu explained. “I want to exchange it for collection. Therefore, the equipments attributes, effects, level, and class are not important.”


“I believe that your chamber of commerce must have some tasteless legendary equipment that would be a waste to throw away. Why dont you sell it to me”

The world was so big that there were all kinds of strange things.

After the game had been released, there were all sorts of classes and equipment. Of course, there were some who were unique.

For example, some equipment only reduced attributes but did not add attributes. Some equipment had extremely high attributes but had fatal flaws. Some were good but could not be worn.

Wang Yus target was precisely these wondrous pieces of equipment.

In any case, the system only looked at the quality and not the attributes when exchanging for fishing maps, so it was the same using those weird equipment.

“A collection” Hearing this, everyones expression turned strange.

The professionals had money to buy equipment to arm themselves, but he kept it as a collection...

Little did they know that this was just an excuse.

His real purpose was to exchange it for a fishing map.

The old man ignored the little fattys eye signal and said directly, “We do have that kind of equipment, but its not enough.”


Hearing this, Wang Yu thought for three seconds and took out the legendary fishing rod that he had received as a reward from the Dark Old Forest.

“What if I add this” Wang Yu asked.

“You can exchange it for two,” the old man replied with a smile.

“Sure!” Wang Yu nodded.

While the staff went to collect the equipment, the little fatty asked Wang Yu seriously, “Big Brother, have you thought it through”

Wang Yu nodded.

“I thought I was a prodigal enough,” the little fatty sighed. “I didnt expect there to be someone whos even more of a prodigal than me!”

The old man ridiculed in his heart,So you know youre a prodigal!

Very quickly, the staff returned with the items.

It was a dagger and a golden kettle.

[Name: Self-Mutilating Dagger]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Class: Assassin]

[Effect: -50% of basic attributes. Upon equipping, the user will have a self-mutilating effect, reducing 2% of the users maximum health points every minute.]


[Name: Bitter Wine Pot]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Class: –]

[Effect: Pouring out bitter wine from the pot does not have any effect.]

Wang Yu was speechless.

These pieces of equipment were really weird!

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“How is it Do you still want to change” the old man asked Wang Yu.

“Change! Ill take these two!” Wang Yu kept the two pieces of equipment.

“Happy cooperation!” The old man extended his hand.

“Happy cooperation!” Wang Yu also reached out and shook his hand.

The two foxes, one old and one young, both revealed a smile as if they had just eaten a chicken.

The little fatty smacked his head. The big boss was still laughing so happily after being scammed

Wang Yu knew that the other side had earned a lot, but he had earned even more!

He had already seen the effects of the fishing map, and the Frozen Fruit was the best example.

How could a piece of legendary equipment compare to this

Now, everything was ready, except for fishing!



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