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The Might of the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame

I was waiting for an opportunity. What were you waiting for

Thats right, Wang Yu had said so much nonsense to catch the old Assassins weakness.

The Azure Dragon Egg was too precious, and the old Assassin was too greedy. Wang Yu managed to catch his weakness because he was afraid of the consequences.

The other party was too arrogant. He didnt expect Wang Yus methods to be far beyond ordinary lifestyle profession class holders. He was careless and fell for Wang Yus scheme.

Wang Yus plan was simple. He would pull away from the old Assassin and use the Frozen Fruit to freeze the other side.

The reason why he didnt use it was because he was afraid that the enemy would move it away.

Assassins had the most movement techniques out of all the class holders.

Therefore, Wang Yu needed an opportunity.

The other partys greed gave him the opportunity.

In order to succeed in one hit, Wang Yu even used Frozen Moment and Ice Aeon in succession, these two skills with a large area of effect.

Looking at the old Assassin who was frozen in ice, Wang Yu put away the Azure Dragon Egg and walked towards the old Assassin with his Ice Army Blade.

He wanted to cripple the other party first.

However, before he could take two steps, a cracking sound was heard.

It was the sound of ice shattering!

Wang Yus hair stood on end. If the old Assassin was allowed to escape, the consequences would be unimaginable.

With a thought, he threw four Ice Two-Pronged Spears at the old Assassin while increasing his speed.

For the old Assassin to be able to reach Rank 2 and near Rank 3, he clearly had some skills.

A huge cover wrapped around him and easily blocked the two spears.

When Wang Yus Ice Army Blade hit it, it only left layers of ripples and showed no signs of breaking.

After the old Assassin had suffered a loss, he no longer looked down on Wang Yu, and he naturally used his trump card.

This shield was something he had obtained in his early years, but because it was a one-time use, he had never been willing to use it.

The effect was naturally heaven-defying.

It could produce a shield of up to 100,000 health points, which was enough to save ones life in a crisis!

He did not believe that Wang Yu, a beginner professional, could break a 100,000-point shield in a short time!

Wang Yu really couldnt do it. He gave up after two slashes.

The cracking of the ice became more and more frequent, and the other side was not far from escaping.

With a thought, a burning eight-colored fire lotus appeared in his palm.

Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

To be safe, Wang Yu raised his hand and used his strongest killing move!

Afraid that the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame would fail, he took out the coffin palanquin, the reward for clearing the Dark Old Forest instance dungeon, and stared at the old Assassin.

Under Wang Yu and the old Assassins gazes, the eight-colored fiery lotus flew toward the old Assassin at an extremely fast speed.

There were no special effects and no sound. The fire lotus landed on the shield just like that, as light as a real lotus flower.

Facing such a soft attack, the old Assassin showed a disdainful smile.

Could it kill the shield in seconds...

All of a sudden, the fire lotus exploded, and a huge wave quickly swept through the surroundings with it as the center!

Wherever the tongue of fire licked, everything, be it grass, trees, mountains, or rocks, was turned into ashes!

Then there was a loud bang, and the whole city was awakened by it. People woke up from their dreams in fear, screaming and asking what had happened, but no one could answer.

On the bank of the Zhang River, where the battle was taking place, Wang Yus eyes were wide open as he looked at the pit on the ground.

The place where the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame had exploded had created a deep pit that was ten meters wide!

With the deep pit as the center, all the trees within a radius of several hundred meters were bent backward.

The Zhang River, which had been frozen by Ice Aeon, once again resumed its flow. As the ice blocks collided with each other, a cracking sound was heard. The mist on the river began to rise. That was the water vapor evaporated by the huge energy of the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

If Wang Yu had not done it himself, he would have thought that some country had thrown a tactical missile here!

This power was too ridiculous!

[You have killed Player Cheng Jun. Your sin value has increased by one!] The games notification rang.

Wang Yu opened the panel and saw that he had an additional sin status and a layer of blood qi surrounded him.

This was the so-called red-name state of profession class holders.

Fortunately, Wang Yus fishing location was remote. In front of him was the Zhang River, and behind him was a small forest park. It was late at night, and there was no one nearby.

Otherwise, his evil score wouldnt be as simple as one. It would be at least three zeros.

First, it was the Ice Aeon, then the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame. How many ordinary people could withstand such a torment

Fortunately, the old Assassin was already dead, which removed one of his biggest problems.

How to deal with the scene had become a problem.

It was impossible to hide it. With such a big movement, as long as one wasnt deaf, anyone would have heard it.


This thought only flashed through his mind for a moment before Wang Yu rejected it.


This was both ice and fire. Unless he stopped using the Frozen Fruit and Angry Buddha Lotus Flame in the future, it would be easy to associate him with this matter. At that time, it would be difficult to explain.

Moreover, how to deal with the sin value was another big problem.

This kind of rare tool was banned by the official website. It was impossible to get it without some channels.

He could try it with Weng Lianxue and the little fatty, but since they were not related, they might not take the risk.

After weighing the pros and cons, Wang Yu decided not to do anything.

In any case, he was just defending himself. There was no reason for a good person to be pointed at by a gun.

Wang Yu waited quietly. The City Guard Divisions men arrived very quickly, and in less than half a minute, he was surrounded.

He tactfully raised his hands above his head.

Coincidentally, the City Guard Division had sent an old acquaintance this time.

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It was Li Qianyue.

Li Qianyue saw Wang Yu and blurted out, “Its you What are you doing here”


“What a coincidence, Captain Li. Would you believe me if I told you Im out for a walk” Wang Yu said sincerely.

Looking at the blood around Wang Yu, Li Qianyue was silent.

I dont believe you!


Half an hour later, Wang Yu arrived at the interrogation room of the City Guard Division, his hands and feet cuffed with special shackles.

“Tell me, what happened” Li Qianyue asked Wang Yu directly.

Wang Yu sighed and said, “I was eating hotpot... I was fishing little fish and singing when I was suddenly robbed.”

“You dont know, but that man was really fierce. He wanted to cut me down without saying anything, but I killed him.”

“No more” Li Qianyue asked.

“No more!” Wang Yu nodded.

Who are you trying to fool Li Qianyues face darkened.

He took a deep breath, picked up the fishing rod that he had found on the scene, and shook it. The dead Mega-Teeth Devil Rat was still hanging on it.

“This is the fish you caught” Li Qianyue asked.

“En!” Wang Yu nodded.

Mouse fish are still fish~

“Ha!” Li Qianyue chuckled.

A Fishing Master is a fisherman, whats the point of hanging rats... How embarrassing!

“Stop playing tricks! Speak! Why did you appear there” A young man next to him couldnt stand it anymore and slammed the table.

Wang Yu, on the other hand, was not flustered. He knew how to play the red-and-white face game.

“Im a Fishing Master,” he said. “Its normal to fish at night by the river, right”

The young man wanted to slam the table again, but at this moment, another person came in and leaned over to whisper a few words in their ears.

After the man left, Li Qianyue knocked on the table and asked, “Do you know this Cheng Jun”



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