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Interrogation, The Azure Dragons Incubation

“Do you know this Cheng Jun”

Hearing Li Qianyues words, Wang Yu nodded. “Yes, I do. Hes the one I killed,”

“Youre very honest,” Li Qianyue said.

“Ive always been honest,” Wang Yu replied.

In the past few years, the impression that the original Wang Yu and he had given people in school was that he was a dull, honest, reclusive, and a student with good grades.

And such a person, especially as a student, would be greatly enhanced.

“Do you have anything else to say” Li Qianyue asked Wang Yu.

“There is. Cheng Jun has a grandson called Cheng Zhi.” Wang Yu nodded.

Then, he told them what had happened in front of the light pillar, including the fact that Cheng Zhi had died when he had tried to clear the hell mode of the Dark Old Forest.

Li Qianyue knocked on the table and asked, “So youre saying that Cheng Jun feels that youre the one who killed his grandson, Cheng Zhi, and hes here to seek revenge”

“Obviously, yes!” Wang Yu said casually.

Then, the interrogation room fell into a dead silence. Only the sound of Li Qianyue knocking on the table echoed.

Wang Yu didnt say anything and just waited quietly.

“Tell me,” Li Qianyue said after a long time. “How did you do it”

“What” Wang Yu was stunned.

“Youre only Level 17,” Li Qianyue explained. “Cheng Jun is Level 58, not far from the third transition.”

“In history, unless you use items, no one has been able to cross such a large level and kill a higher profession than you, not to mention you are a lifestyle profession.”

“How did you do it”

This was the most crucial suspicion in the entire incident.

A person who could casually cause such a large-scale explosion in the urban area was very dangerous.

This was especially true for those ordinary people who did not even have the strength to truss a chicken.

“After our first clear of the Dark Old Forest, we each received some rewards.” Wang Yu shrugged. “Mine is a skill book. After learning it, I gained an additional skill.”

“I used that skill to kill Cheng Jun.”

Li Qianyue was speechless.

Thats comparable to a Rank 5 powerhouses full-powered strike, and youre telling me that you, a Rank 1 profession, managed to do it And its a reward for clearing a low-level instance dungeon...

Could he be any more ridiculous

Seeing the disbelief on their faces, Wang Yu said, “Do you guys want to take a look”

Just watch! Li Qianyue brought Wang Yu to the shooting range reserved for the City Guard Division.


The loud noise once again resounded through G City.

When the building that was said to be able to withstand the attack of a Rank 4 expert slowly collapsed in front of everyone, Li Qianyue was a little dumbfounded.

Was this really an attack that a lifestyle profession class holder could make

Then what were the combat professionals A decoration

Looking at the two dumbfounded people, Wang Yu swallowed and said, “This... You dont need me to pay, right”

The heavens pitied him, they were the ones who allowed him to do as he pleased.

Moreover, he had held back and only used the four-color fire lotus, not the eight-color fire lotus at the bank of the Zhang River.

It seemed that he could only use the two-colored fiery lotus against his enemies in the future.

“No need!” Li Qianyue said through gritted teeth.

Wang Yu didnt need to pay, but he might not.

The young man next to him patted Li Qianyues shoulder and gave him a look that said, “Good luck.”

Just like that, Wang Yu was taken back to the interrogation room. He stayed there until dawn and was released again.

“Its fine now” Hearing Li Qianyues words, Wang Yu was in disbelief.

He had thought that he would be locked up for at least ten days to half a month, but he did not expect that he would be settled in just a few hours.

“Whats wrong Do you want me to make you stay for breakfast” Li Qianyue said unhappily.

He didnt have to pay for the damages, but he was scolded no less, especially by the people in the Logistics Department. They looked at him like he killed their mother. It would be strange if he was nice to Wang Yu.

As for the matter, he had already investigated it.

One was a student with a clean background, a kind character, and excellent grades, while the other was a profession class holder who had been out in the wild all year round, and his hands were not clean.

Most importantly, before the incident happened, the surveillance camera captured the latter following the former. What happened outside the instance dungeon had also been verified.

So the truth was self-evident.

Although Wang Yu was hiding something, it was no longer important.

“Its not impossible,” Wang Yu said as he rubbed his stomach. He was really hungry.

Li Qianyue ignored Wang Yu and said, “Be careful these days. Its best if you dont leave the city.”

“Why” Wang Yu was puzzled.

Li Qianyue explained patiently, “Cheng Jun belongs to a small hunting team. Their captain is nicknamed One-Eyed Dragon, and he has just advanced to Rank 3.”


“Although they are a hunting team, they are not clean. They have robbed and killed many people.”

“You killed their people at this time. Do you think he will come after you”

As for any trouble, it would naturally be his little life.

“Hiss...” Wang Yu gasped. This was so troublesome.

A Rank 3 class holder wasnt someone he could deal with at the moment.

It was already very difficult for him to deal with Cheng Jun, who was only at Rank 2.

He might have killed Cheng Jun in one move, but if the other party had pulled away and used his invisibility to launch a sneak attack, Wang Yu would have been the only one to die.

“Havent you thought about dealing with them” Wang Yu was puzzled.

“If we had evidence, we would have killed them long ago. You wouldnt need to tell us.”

Li Qianyue rolled his eyes at Wang Yu. Then, he thought of something and chuckled. “Why dont you cooperate with us and set up a trap Dont worry, Ill definitely guarantee your safety!”

“Goodbye!” Wang Yu left without looking back.


He had only taken two steps when he came back.

“What, you dont want to leave” Li Qianyue asked.

“You want me to go back like this” Wang Yu pointed at his red name status.

If he dared to go on the road like this, he would be caught by the City Guard Division in less than two minutes.

“Its my fault!” Li Qianyue slapped his forehead.

He then took out a special scroll and tore it at Wang Yu. Instantly, a beam of light shone on Wang Yu.

After a while, the blood-red aura around Wang Yu disappeared, and he was no longer red-named.

“Where did you get this” Wang Yu asked casually.

“No comment!” Li Qianyue refused directly. How could he casually answer such a confidential question

It was already 8 oclock in the morning when he returned home. After washing up, Wang Yu lay on the bed and fell asleep the moment his head touched the pillow.

When he woke up again, it was already four in the afternoon.

Hearing the alarm ring, Wang Yu rolled up, pulled the curtains, and took out the Azure Dragons egg.

Under his nervous gaze, the hatching process reached its final countdown.









A crack appeared on the originally round egg, and as time passed, the crack grew bigger and bigger.

Wang Yu quickly held his breath, afraid of disturbing the little guy inside.

Finally, the eggshell cracked and a small figure appeared.

The man and the beast looked at each other. The little Azure Dragon tilted its head and blinked its big eyes, as if it was saying, “Are you my master”



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