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Visitors From the Wilderness

A cold aura gushed out from Wang Yus hand, slowly freezing the Goblin Warrior.

As he exerted his strength, the frozen Goblin Warrior turned into dust and scattered on the ground.

Until its death, it still did not understand why the Sweep skill that had always worked was ineffective against Wang Yu.

He clearly looked so weak and was not its opponent at all!

The reason why Wang Yu dared to take the skill head-on was naturally because he had confidence.

Ice Body!

The Frozen Fruit had a special ability. It could turn the users body into the ice element, making them immune to physical attacks!

It could be said that with his Ice Body, he was the nemesis of all physical classes!

It was a pity that this ability was only effective against Rank 1 and 2 professionals at his current level.

Any physical professionals who had gone through the Rank 2 or higher could ignore this effect.

At the same time, his ice-sealing effect was only effective on professionals of Rank 2 and below, as well as monsters of the corresponding level.

This was understandable. If the Frozen Fruit could really affect enemies regardless of their level, then the rating of the fishing map would at least be divine-level, not peak-level.

At that time, regardless of whether it was to figure out his secret or to contain his growth, Wang Yu was sure that he would definitely attract the pursuit of various countries, guilds, financial groups, and even other races.

Even if he was immune to physical attacks, there were too many ways to kill him, be it a forbidden spell or a curse.

After all, he was only a Rank 1 noob.

The current level was just right.

He was powerful, but not to the point where everyone was afraid of him.

Moreover, the general control effect was only effective on professionals of the same rank and below. There would not be an absurd thing like 10,000 Rank 1 professionals taking turns to control a Rank 5 or 6 professional to death.

Wang Yu was already very satisfied that the Frozen Fruits ability could take effect across one rank.

He believed that after his level increased, his ability would be further improved.

[Goblin Warrior killed. Exp gained x400.]

[Congratulations on reaching Level 13. Your current experience points are at 3%.]

The prompt sounded.

Three levels in one day, not bad... Wang Yu thought to himself.

However, the experience points required to level up would increase as he progressed further. It would be impossible to level up so quickly after that.

He picked up the equipment and materials dropped by the Goblins.

As the Goblins levels were lower than the Aardwolfs, their quality was also much lower. Wang Yu searched for it over and over again, but only one piece of equipment was suitable for him.

[Name: Goblin Ring]

[Class: None]

[Level: 10]

[Rank: Gold]

[Type: Ring]

[Attributes: 200 Mana, 200 Magic Power, 2% Mana Recovery ]

[Skill: Summon.]

[Summon: Summon a Big Brother Goblin to fight for you. The Big Brother Goblin has 600 attack power, 5,000 health points, and 10% defense. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.]

Wang Yu held the Goblin Ring in his hand and played with it.

The Goblin Rings attributes could be considered a small item in the early stages.

This was especially true for the skill to summon Goblins, which was equivalent to having an additional combat power out of thin air. At this stage where everyone did not have much combat power, the improvement was not just a little bit.

Even Wang Yu did not expect a Goblin Warrior to drop such a piece of equipment.

He estimated that if he were to sell this ring, he could get at least 100,000 yuan!

One had to know that the monthly expenses for a family of four were only 2,000 yuan!

100,000 was enough to buy a decent set of newbie equipment.

“Class holders are indeed the fastest way to earn money...”

Wang Yu sighed and put the Goblin Ring on his finger.

With a thought, the Big Brother Goblin appeared beside him.

Wang Yu ordered the Big Brother Goblin to collect the wood, while he dealt with the Goblin corpses on the ground.

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The sun had already set below the horizon, leaving only a faint yellow.

It was getting late, and it was very dangerous to spend the night in the wilderness. Wang Yu did not dare to let his guard down.

He tidied up the Goblin camp and built a high wall with ice around it. He threw the Goblin bones and other unlucky things on the ground outside. A camp for the night was built.

Wang Yu started a bonfire, took out the meat he had cut off from the Aardwolf leader in the afternoon, and roasted it over the fire.

When the oil started to sizzle, Wang Yu sprinkled some salt and other seasonings he brought from home. Soon, a fragrant aroma emerged.

It smells so good! Wang Yu was about to start eating when a voice came from afar.

“Why is there a camp here” A middle-aged mans voice was heard.

“I guess it was created by some professional. Lets go in and take a look,” another middle-aged man said.


“Thats not good, is it What if theyre angry” Another person stopped him.

“What are you afraid of How strong can a professional who came to a Goblin Tribe be” the middle-aged man asked.

“Thats true...”

The few of them barged into Wang Yus camp.

At this moment, Wang Yu finally saw the faces of the few people.

What he didnt expect was that there were acquaintances of Wang Yu among them.

Wu Qi and Luo Hongyang.

He was the second person who mocked Wang Yu and was punished by Elder Jiang.

“Its you” The two of them looked at Wang Yus face and were both shocked and suspicious.

Wang Yu was also very surprised. He didnt think that the two of them would successfully change their classes, and it was even combat classes.

“You know each other” the leading middle-aged man asked Wu Qi and Luo Hongyang.


Wu Qi and Luo Hongyang explained the situation one after another. Of course, they were all words that discredited Wang Yu.

Wang Yu took the opportunity to investigate the four of them clearly, and the four of them did not hide anything.

[Warrior, Level 41]

[Shield Specialist, Level 36]

[Warrior, Level 11]

[Archer, Level 11]

The warrior looked around and said, “Youre the only one in this camp”

“En!” Wang Yu was focused on roasting the meat and didnt even raise his head.

“Brother Qian is asking you a question. Whats with your attitude!”

Perhaps it was because someone was backing him up, but Wu Qi suddenly had some confidence. He pointed at Wang Yu and said, “Do you still think youre that Top Scorer Wang Dont you know where you are”

“Hes just a lifestyle professional! You dare to be so arrogant Are you tired of living”

Before Wu Qi could finish his sentence, he was punched to the ground. A green-skinned man was stepping on his chest, looking at him with a fierce expression.

It was Wang Yu commanding his Big Brother Goblin.

“Bro... Brother Qian” Wu Qi said in a trembling voice.

The man called Brother Qian didnt pay attention to him, but looked at his Big Brother Goblin with interest.

With his experience, he could naturally tell that this was Wang Yus summoned creature.

“Little brothers ring is not simple!” he said with a hidden meaning.

“Its average!” Wang Yu replied.

Seeing that Wang Yu didnt want to talk to them, the middle-aged soldier laughed and changed the topic. “Its already late. We want to spend the night here. Little brother, you dont have any objections, right”

“There are!” Wang Yu nodded.

Wang Yu was not stupid enough to allow a group of outsiders to live in his own camp, especially when two of them were his enemies.

“If you dont, then... What”



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