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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Upgraded Beginners Fishing Rod

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“Not bad, not bad. It would be great to have more of this.” After feeling the increase in his strength, Su Yu began to fantasize.

However, Su Yus face darkened when he looked at other things he caught. He didnt know if it was because his luck had turned.

“F*ck, that shouldnt be the case. According to the hint from the insight skill, this area should be rich with treasure chests. Why am I getting these lousy things”

After obtaining the strength stats potion, Su Yu fished for another ten treasure chests in half an hour.

However, there was no joy on Su Yus face.

This was because the items that Su Yu had fished up this time were not even comparable to the items he got the first ten times he fished, let alone the strength stats potion.

This time, Su Yus harvest from his ten fishing trips was four [ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest], three [ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest], two [ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest], and one [ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest].

Compared to the results from his previous rounds of fishing, this was definitely a change in fortune.

[5 Ordinary Wood*2] [Shampoo (500ml per bottle)*2] [Tissue Paper (one box)*2] [Haitian Soy Sauce (500ml per bottle)*2]

[Fresh Watermelon (5 kg)*4] [Basic Medicine Box*2] [Apple Sapling*4]

[40 Ordinary wood*2] [1 portion of fertile soil*2]

[Island area 1 square meter fragment*2]

Fortunately, the only Wooden treasure chest did not disappoint Su Yu.

[Island area 1 square meter fragment*2]

Introduction: The other islands are shattered for various reasons, and the island fragments generated can increase the area of the island by one square meter.

“Not bad, not bad.” After seeing the effect of the object, Su Yu directly chose to use it.

After using it, Su Yu saw on his personal stats panel that the area of the island he was on had changed from 100 square meters to 102 square meters.

“This is good stuff. Its comparable to the stats potion.” After getting the good stuff, Su Yu immediately prepared to continue fishing.

However, at this moment, a sudden notification sound made Su Yu temporarily stop fishing.

[Ding, Survivor Ji Qingrou has met the requirements you set and would like to DM you. Do you want to accept the DM]

“Another person who has energy crystals. Moreover, this name sounds a little familiar!” Su Yu heard the notification beside his ear, and many thoughts flashed through his mind at that moment.

“Oh right, it seems to be the girl ranked fourth on the regional prosperity points rankings.”

“Hello, Mr. Su. Can I use other items to trade for the information regarding the usage of ordinary energy crystals” Ji Qingrou, who was on her own island, quickly sent a message to Su Yu.

“They want to know the use of energy crystals again. These people are quite smart!”

Other than Su Yu, Wang Teng also knew what ordinary energy crystals could do. However, Wang Teng had spent an energy crystal in exchange for this information.

Hence, he naturally wouldnt announce this news in the communication channel. After all, he wasnt stupid.

“I only need things like glass steel 0/1, PE braided thread 0/1, and carbon cloth 0/1. If you have them, we can trade. Otherwise, forget it.”

When he saw the message from the girl named Ji Qingrou on the chat interface, Su Yu did not think too much about it before directly sending his request.

“Phew.” After reading the reply, Ji Qingrou could not help but relax.

This was because she had all these things. Although Ji Qingrou knew that these three things might be very useful, she understood that she could not have her cake and eat it too. She had to choose between the energy crystal and these three items.

Instinct told Ji Qingrou that ordinary energy crystals were more useful in the early stages compared to these three items.

Ji Qingrou trusted her own intuition because her skill was [Grade A Skill, Six Senses Enhancement].

After quickly reacting, Ji Qingrou directly replied to Su Yu.

“Mr. Su, I have all three items. Ill bid for the trade offer you pinned. Is that alright with you”

When Su Yu saw the other partys reply, he immediately became energetic.

“F*ck, this girl is so lucky. Ive been fishing for so long, but I havent caught a single upgrade material. She actually gathered them all up and even has energy crystals in her hands. Shes awesome!”

“Alright, after you bid for it, I will send you the usage method of this item,” Su Yu replied to Ji Qingrou.

After seeing Su Yus reply, Ji Qingrou did not hesitate and directly chose to trade.

Immediately, Su Yu heard the news that the transaction had been successful.

After that, Su Yu copied the message he sent to Wang Teng and sent it to Ji Qingrou.

It had to be said that information was worth a lot these days!

“Thank you, Mr. Su.” After reading the usage method of the ordinary energy crystals sent by Su Yu, Ji Qingrou did not forget to send him a message of gratitude.

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Su Yu didnt reply to this. After all, he didnt have many messages quota left today, so he had to use them sparingly. It would be a waste if he couldnt reply to somebody else who wanted to do trading with him.

At this moment, Su Yu looked at the three materials in front of him. Then, he took out the [Ordinary Fishing Rod Blueprint]. After placing all these items beside the beginners fishing rod, Su Yu chose to use the ordinary fishing rod blueprint.

[Ding! Your Beginners Fishing Rod has been upgraded to the Ordinary Fishing Rod.]

It had to be said that the process was very fast. Just as Su Yu chose to use them, a white light flashed in front of his eyes. The materials and blueprints disappeared in an instant, leaving only a black fishing rod.

[Ordinary Fishing Rod]

Description : Upgraded from a novice fishing rod. Can be used to fish from to Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest.

Durability: 2

Note: Every time you fish a treasure chest, the fishing rods durability will decrease by 1. When the durability reaches 0, the fishing rod will be damaged. When the durability drops below 10, you can choose to use the upgrade materials of the Beginners Fishing Rod to repair it.

Additional Hint: Sink it five meters deep into the water together with the improved bait. You can fish wooden treasure chest at the lowest, and wooden treasure chest at the highest.

Looking at the stats of the upgraded fishing rod, Su Yu could not help but feel restless.


After all, he still had four sets of improved bait.

“Damn it! Im afraid that when I manage to reel in a treasure chest, I cant pull it up!” At this moment, Su Yu suddenly thought of the difficulty of fishing up a treasure chest. Then, he silently calculated the difficulty of fishing up a treasure chest.

“No, no. Lets finish using up the ordinary bait first and see if I can fish out some stats potions to increase my stats first.”



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