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Chapter 12: Wooden Treasure Chest

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Then, Su Yu repeated the experience he went through after obtaining the strength stats potion.

Su Yu, who had fished up a large pile of daily necessities, could not help but think gloomily. “F*ck, did I run into a guaranteed activity after fishing every ten rounds of fishing”

If he showed his current expression to people, he would definitely be beaten to death.

“I might as well try using the improved bait. In any case, I have four sets of them.” At this moment, Su Yu glanced at the sky and suddenly thought of an idea.

This was because after he had caught the physique stats potion, Su Yu had fished ten times in a row. As a result, all he obtained were ordinary daily necessities, and there was nothing special about them.

“Lets do it.” After thinking for a while, Su Yu decided to do it.

Then, he calmly baited the hook with an enhanced bait. After adjusting the position of the float, Su Yu took a deep breath and cast the hook out.

[Ding! The item you uploaded, Zhonghua Cigarette (one pack), has been successfully traded. Do you want to withdraw the item]

Just as Su Yu was fully focused, the sound of a successful transaction suddenly rang in his ears.

“F*ck, you shocked me.” Su Yu, who was cursing colorfully in his mind, silently extracted the traded items. Then, he ignored the materials that were thrown on the ground.

“Its here.” At this moment, Su Yu noticed that the float on the surface was starting to move.

As such, Su Yu held his breath and concentrated.

“Damn, its so heavy.” When the float sank into the water, Su Yu immediately exerted strength in his hands.

The ordinary fishing rod in Su Yus hand was pulled at an astonishing angle, as if it was about to break apart in the next second.

At this moment, the veins on Su Yus arms were bulging. This was a sign that he had used most of his strength.

Finally, Su Yu managed to get the upper hand. At this moment, Su Yus lower body suddenly exerted force as he stood there like a mountain, steady and unmoving.

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After familiarizing himself with the force coming from underwater, Su Yu began to carefully pull the rod.

However, when Su Yu exerted force, the force from the water immediately pulled Su Yu forward.

Finally, after twenty minutes of pulling, Su Yu managed to pull the treasure chest to the surface.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains ten ordinary energy stones.

Fishing Technique: After an hour of continuous intermittent exertion of power, you can directly drag it ashore.

The moment the treasure chest appeared on the surface, Su Yu saw the information of the treasure chest.

“Does this count as having already achieved the freedom of ordinary energy stones1 in the early stages.” After reading the information of the treasure chest, Su Yu couldnt help but think this way.

To be honest, Su Yu was a little worried. There were too many energy crystals! He couldnt possibly use them all!

With flour, one ordinary energy crystal could be used to make 30 ordinary baits. Moreover, Su Yu had the double happiness skill. This meant that he had obtained a total of 20 ordinary energy crystals from this treasure chest.

In other words, Su Yu would be able to produce 600 sets of ordinary bait.

What kind of concept was this Su Yu estimated that he would not be able to finish using them in a short period of time.

Su Yu shook his head. After getting rid of the thought that he would be beaten to death if he told others about it, he started to focus on playing tug of war with the treasure chest under the water.

In the end, when the sky had already darkened, Su Yu finally managed to drag the treasure chest ashore.

“Phew.” The moment the treasure chest dragged ashore, Su Yu was not in a hurry to open it. Instead, he threw the fishing rod on the ground and laid down on the ground, panting heavily.

Su Yu felt that fishing for this damned treasure chest was even more tiring than fishing for all the previous treasure chests combined.

Fortunately, the result was extremely satisfying. Even with Su Yus speed of depleting the bait, he did not have to worry about not having any bait to fish for the next few days.

It had to be said that Su Yus situation was no different from becoming rich overnight, especially since his ability to secure items was too strong.

The combination of the Double Happiness skill paired with the abnormal SSS-Grade Insight skill was simply a cheat!

[Ding! Survivors, please note that night is about to fall. At nightfall, the temperature will continue to drop. Please be careful to keep warm.]

Just as Su Yu was gasping for breath, a special notification suddenly sounded beside Su Yus ear.

Upon hearing this voice, Su Yu stretched out his arms and propped himself to sit on the ground.

“The temperature will actually drop at night. It seems that in these seven-day newcomers protection period, ordinary survivors will not only face problems regarding food and water, but will also need to worry about the cold!”

Just as Su Yu was deep in thought, a cool breeze blew past Su Yus body, and he immediately felt a chill.

Without thinking further, Su Yu immediately stood up and quickly walked toward the massage chair. He quickly put on his shirt and coat, then picked up the treasure chest on the ground and briskly walked toward the wooden house.

“The two of you, start the fire,” Su Yu instructed the two low-level goblins in a deep voice as he looked at the rapidly darkening sky.

After saying that, Su Yu carried the treasure chest and entered the wooden house. He quietly willed the treasure chest open. Then, he looked at the pile of 20 ordinary energy crystals. A hint of excitement flashed in Su Yus eyes.

This was like comparing digital currencies to cash. It was the same amount of money, but the feeling of having actual cash in a great amount is surely different!

Then, Su Yu logged in to the communication channel to see if the others had encountered the same situation as him.

“Damn it, the temperature is getting lower and lower. Its so cold. Didnt they say that newcomers have a seven-day protection period”

“Dont you know how to make a fire If its cold, make a fire!”

“F*ck, what a strong wind. It almost blew away my tent.”

“Im looking for a coat and bedding. Guys, if you have any spare, please hurry up and post it on the trading channel.”


As soon as he entered the communication channel, Su Yu realized that many people were discussing this matter.

“Everyone, if you can, start a fire as soon as possible. This is the only way to survive the night. Otherwise, it will be terrible if you catch a cold and have a fever.”


At this moment, someone began to speak in the communication channel.

Meanwhile, those who were slightly smarter had already begun purchasing items on the trading platform. After all, when many people took notice of the situation later, the items they had uploaded previously would definitely be recalled or even be sold at a higher price.

After all, people would always put their benefits above all, no matter what time and situation it was.

Seeing that he still had a few trading opportunities today, Su Yu directly put up trade offers for a few lighters. It could be considered a gift. It would be up to luck to see whoever managed to buy it.

After all, Su Yu didnt lack lighters. Moreover, after fishing for a whole day, Su Yu planned to eat something and then go to sleep. It would be a waste if he didnt use up todays trading opportunity. He might as well establish a good image to build a good foundation for the future trades.



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