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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Simple Fishing Net

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After reading the messages sent by the survivors in the communication channel, the corners of Su Yus eyes twitched unconsciously.

“Sure enough, there are all kinds of people these days!”

After shaking his head, Su Yu immediately left the communication channel.

“Yo, what a good start.” At this moment, Su Yu, who had just exited the communication channel, suddenly felt a pull on his hand.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains a simple fishing net that can be used to capture low-level treasure chests.

[Simple Fishing Net]

Description: Hang ordinary bait on the fishing net and throw it into the water. Then, just wait for the treasure chest to enter the net. Use together with 10 baits each time for maximum results.

Note: This fishing net can capture up to Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest. It is recommended to be more careful when pulling the net. Otherwise, you can easily be dragged into the water.

Durability: 10 (Every time you cast it and obtain a treasure chest, its durability will be reduced by 1)

“Awesome!” Su Yu exclaimed in his heart when he saw the description of the item in the treasure chest.

“This is simply like getting a pillow while dozing! This damn heaven really knows me too well.”

Very quickly, Su Yu pulled up the wooden treasure chest from the water. Ever since he upgraded the fishing rod yesterday, Su Yu no longer needed to play tug-of-war these treasure chests. He could just use brute force to pull them up.

As for the remaining three of the improved bait from yesterday, Su Yu planned to use it during the guaranteed event after every 10 rounds of fishing from yesterday to see if he could make lemonade out of lemons.

After casually opening the wooden treasure chest, Su Yu looked at the two simple fishing nets in his hands and called the two goblins over.

Su Yu looked at the two goblins in front of him and instructed them to set up wood in a suitable position. Then, he looked at the fishing net that had already been hung with ten sets of ordinary bait. Su Yu also threw the fishing net directly towards an area rich with treasure chest resources that he had discovered with the help of his insight skill.

When he saw the fishing net sinking into the water, Su Yu tied the rope on the end of the fishing net to the wooden stake.

Then, Su Yu threw out another fishing net in the same way. He had used up 20 sets of ordinary bait in one go. Su Yu could not help but be in a good mood.

At this moment, Su Yu did not expect that the net would be able to capture ten treasure chests for him. It was obviously impossible. Anyway, Su Yu would be satisfied if he could get two or three treasure chests in one net.

[Ding! Survivor Wang Teng requests to DM you. Do you want to accept the DM]

Just as Su Yu was about to continue fishing, a notification interrupted his thoughts.

“Its this guy again. Could it be that this guy caught something good again” Su Yu immediately agreed to the other partys DM request.

“Boss, are you here I have something to trade with you. Do you want it” Wang Teng, who was on his own island, looked at the item that he obtained from the treasure chest in front of him. He couldnt help but feel a headache coming on.

“F*ck, this thing is good, but he doesnt know how to use it and doesnt dare to use it. Thats why hes looking for someone to take it off his hands.”

“What is it We can trade if Im interested.”

Su Yu replied to Wang Teng after glancing at the message.

“Its a small, ordinary speedboat. If you want it, you can trade with me with whatever you see fit!” Wang Teng immediately replied to Su Yu when he saw the message on the DM interface.

“A small ordinary speedboat He doesnt even dare to drive it on the sea, but I guess its fine if he wants to trade it with me. It could even be useful later.”

After thinking about it, Su Yu decided to trade with Wang Teng. After all, it could be placed in the sea and would not take up much space. Most importantly, Su Yu planned to clear his inventory. He had too many things.

After pondering for a while, Su Yu replied to Wang Tengs message.

The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'

“Ill take the item. Ill give you a blueprint for an ordinary wooden house. You can decide by yourself if you want to trade with me. This blueprint can be used with 100 sets of ordinary wood to automatically build a wooden house of about 15 square meters. You dont have to do it yourself.”

“F*ck, theres such a magical thing.” Wang Teng, who had never caught a blueprint before, was shocked. After he regained his senses, he hurriedly replied, “Ill trade with you.”

After all, he was still living pitifully in a tent he obtained from the treasure chest. If he had a wooden house, it would be much better than living in a tent.

“Alright, Ill put it up on the trading channel. You can just bid for it.” After looking at Wang Tengs reply, Su Yu didnt say anything much and directly posted the trade offer instead.

Items to Trade: 1 Ordinary Wooden House Blueprint.

Items in Exchange : 1 Ordinary Speedboat.

At this moment, Wang Teng was scrolling through the trading channel. When he saw Su Yus trade offer, he immediately chose to trade.

In an instant, the ordinary speedboat in front of him glowed a bright white and disappeared. At the same time, he heard the notification: “The transaction was successful. Please withdraw the item.”

After choosing to withdraw the item, the blueprint of a simple wooden house appeared in his hand. He looked it over and started searching for wood trade offers on the trading channel.

After all, he could not build a wooden house with just the blueprints. He also needed the materials!

On Su Yus side, he walked closer to the sea and chose to withdraw the item he had traded. In an instant, a small, ordinary speedboat appeared on the sea in front of Su Yu.

[Ordinary Speedboat]

Details: 6-meter speedboat, can carry 6 people, fuel tank capacity 150 liters (fuel tank currently empty), engine 70-115 hp outboard, maximum speed 35 knots (115 hp)...

Description: After filling up with fuel, you can try to drive a speedboat to explore the surroundings of the island. It is recommended not to go too far, or you will easily lose your way.

After taking a look at the speedboat, the detailed information of the speedboat appeared before Su Yus eyes.

The fuel tank was empty, which was within Su Yus expectations. After all, Wang Teng wasnt stupid. If there was oil inside, he wouldnt have traded it so quickly.

Then, he asked the two goblins to set up two more wooden stakes. After tying one end of the speedboat with a rope, Su Yu returned to his fishing.

Although Su Yu had some gas in his hands, he really did not know how to drive a speedboat. However, Su Yu was not completely helpless.

Anyway, he still had two goblins. He could just let them explore the speedboat later. After all, the goblins were quite proficient in mechanical creations, so it should be easy for them to get familiarized with the speedboat.

Even if it was damaged, Su Yu would not feel bad about it. After all, this speedboat might as well have been something he had picked up.

Very quickly, Su Yu calmed down and took out an improved bait. He wanted to take a gamble and try to make lemonade out of lemons.




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