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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The Treasure Chest That Washed Up On The Island

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Not long after the four goblins entered the wooden house, the sound of raindrops hitting the roof of the wooden house rang in Su Yus ears.

Upon hearing the sound outside the house, Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, Su Yu did not hear any howling wind.

Logically speaking, heavy rain on the sea would definitely be accompanied by a strong wind. However, Su Yu and the other newcomers were still under seven days of novice protection, so the wind might have been dispersed by some force.

At this moment, in the communication channel, many people were delighted.

“This rain feels good. I finally dont have to exchange food for freshwater anymore.”

“Feel good my ass. My roasted meat is completely drenched by the rain.”

“F*ck, its you again. Serves you right!”

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“What a show. Perhaps even the heavens cant stand this bastard. How satisfying!”

“To be honest, the rain did a good job.”

“Good job my ass. What a bunch of idiots.”


After Su Yu glanced at the messages in the communication channel, the corners of his eyes couldnt help but twitch. At this moment, Su Yu couldnt help but feel that because he wasnt stupid enough, he couldnt fit in with the group of clowns in the communication channel.

Su Yu stood up and pushed open the window of the small wooden house and looked out. He saw that the rain outside the wooden house had caused bean-sized splashes when it landed on the ground.

Fortunately, the small wooden house was not built by Su Yu. Otherwise, such a heavy rain would definitely cause the roof to leak.

The small wooden house, which had been built on its own with the blueprint, had perfectly blocked the heavy rain. As a result, a portion of the resources that Su Yu had already obtained from opening the treasure chest were not soaked in the rain.

As for the four goblins, they obediently curled up in a corner of the wooden house.

[Zero-star damaged wooden treasure chest]

Description: It contains some dried branches for burning.

“Eh” Suddenly, a message flashed before Su Yus eyes.

When Su Yu took a closer look, he discovered that there was a tattered wooden treasure chest at the shoreline.

“Could it be that the heavy rain will push up some treasure chests from under the sea” Seeing the damaged treasure chest, a question arose in Su Yus mind.

As this thought flashed through Su Yus mind, he paid attention to the movements on the small island while paying attention to the information in the communication channel.

Although the survivors in the communication channel could not provide Su Yu with much useful information, Su Yu could still deduce the general situation based on the messages sent by some survivors.

“Guys, were there any treasure chests washed up to your island”

As expected, there were still many people who were willing to share information these days.

As Su Yu was paying attention to the messages in the communication channel, someone asked about this matter.

“F*ck, brother, what did you say The treasure chests can actually be washed up to the island”

“Thats right. Just as I was putting on a tarp to block the rain, I suddenly realized that a treasure chest had been washed up to my island.”

“F*ck, dont stop me. Today, Ill either use the coffin to store me or the coffin to store the treasure chests.”

“Someone with yellow pee, come wake this daydreamer up. Make sure not to have diabetes, though. Im afraid the previous poster will taste the sweetness.”

“Damn, youre so mean.”


At this moment, Su Yu looked at the nearby sea and thoughtfully said, “As expected, with this heavy rain, some treasure chests will be washed up to the island. I wonder which star-level wooden treasure chests will wash up.”

“Does this count as giving a wave of benefits to those survivors who are about to die” At this moment, the idea popped up in Su Yus mind.

Su Yu shook his head and perished these thoughts. Then, he closed the window and sat down.

As soon as Su Yu sat down, the observant goblins immediately brought Su Yu a plate of fruits.

Su Yu, who had taken a peach from the fruit platter, casually said, “Alright, take it and divide it among yourselves!”

“Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master.” The few goblins who had been rewarded by Su Yu immediately became happy. After all, these low-level goblins were very happy to be able to get food.

If Wang Teng, who was also hiding in the small wooden house to avoid the rain, were to see Su Yus relaxed attitude, he would definitely sell his servant A in a matter of minutes.

“A, go and fetch the treasure chests outside.” When he saw the treasure chests being washed up on his island, he instructed A.

[Ding! Your Servant A has sensed your disregard towards him. Loyalty -5.]

When he finished speaking, A, who was taking shelter in the wooden house to avoid the rain, looked at the pouring rain outside. He was extremely unwilling.

“F*ck, I must have found a master instead!” When he heard that As loyalty points were dropping again, he couldnt hold it in anymore.

Previously, Wang Teng treated A with good food and drinks and finally stabilized his loyalty at around 70 points. Now, it was dropping again.

“This d*mn thing hasnt done anything until now. Hes only adjusting the loyalty points back and forth. Hes clearly playing me for a fool!”

To be honest, he was already full of anger. Hence, a thought appeared in his mind.

[Ding! Survivor Wang Teng would like to DM you. Do you want to accept the DM]

At this moment, Su Yu, who was leisurely eating peaches, suddenly heard a DM notification.

“What did this dude get this time”

Hearing that it was another DM request from Wang Teng, Su Yu was slightly interested.

“Is the big shot here Do you want anything good Its free labor.” At this moment, he was thinking that he might as well sell him for some resources. Otherwise, he would be angered to death by this guy.

“Labor force Are you the guy who opened that treasure chest earlier” After seeing Wang Tengs message, a thought flashed through Su Yus mind.


“Boss, your deduction is so accurate. Thats right, its me. How about it Do you want to trade for free labor He can farm and do physical work.” He was working very hard to promote A.

“No, why would I want a guy with a loyalty of 60 to come here I have enough labor forces on my island. You can keep yours for yourself!” When Su Yu saw Wang Teng trying his best to promote his wares, he refused to fall for his tricks.



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