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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Sea Monkey

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[Sea Monkey]

Strength: 3.

Physique: 3.


Description: Great strength, weak sense of pain, difficult to die if the bullet doesnt hit the fatal spot. After the seven-day protection period, it is one of the monsters that newbie survivors might encounter. Due to the islands protection, they wont attack the island for seven days, but they might appear around the island. It is recommended not to seek death and dive in the water.

Combat Strength Analysis Between Two Sides: You can win on land, but you will easily be exhausted to death by the other party underwater.

“Dont tell me that the guy in the communication channel who was brave enough to dive encountered this thing!”

At this moment Su Yu caught a glimpse of the monster who had dived back into the water. Naturally, he had seen through the monsters information with his insight skill.

However, Su Yu did not panic. After all, a large part of the reason why humans were panicking was because of the unknown. When all the information was placed in front of them, many people could quickly accept it.

As many thoughts flashed through Su Yus mind, he quickly surveyed his surroundings. The area of the sea that the light could reach did show any traces of the sea monkey.

“Could it be that hes dived deep inside and the insight skill cant sense anything”

After standing on the spot and thinking about it, Su Yu was too lazy to think too much about it. After all, the insight talent had already hinted that even if the damned thing wanted to attack the island, it would have to wait until the newbies protection period was over. There was no point in thinking too much about it now. It was better to fish for more items to increase his strength.

As such, the ambitious Su Yu began to search for a suitable fishing spot.

[There are traces of treasure chest activity in this part of the sea. I suggest fishing here.]

After looking around, Su Yu shifted his position and locked onto a fishing spot. He skillfully baited the hook with and improved bait and threw it out. Next, he entered the boring waiting stage.

He didnt know if it was because he didnt know how to fish at night, or if there was a hidden buff or something else. Originally, Su Yu was prepared to wait for more than 10 to 20 minutes for the treasure chest underwater to take the bait.

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However, in less than three minutes, Su Yu saw the float sink.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains a Hundred Forged Yanling Saber.

Fishing Technique: Pull in a roundabout way, loosening and tightening.

[Hundred Forged Yanling Saber]

Description: Forged from Hundred Forged Black Iron. It can cut iron like mud and is extremely sharp.

Details: The blade is 118 cm long and 3.5 cm wide. Its characteristics are that the blade is straight, with a quarter of the tip of the blade having a radian and a reverse edge.

“Eh, its a melee weapon.” After reading the notification that floated in front of him, a thought popped up in Su Yus mind.

With the help from the instructions from the insight skill, it did not take long for Su Yu to drag the treasure chest from under the water to the shore.

After all, Su Yus physique and strength had been greatly enhanced, so it was much easier to fish for treasure chests.

As soon as the treasure chest reached the shore, Su Yu could not wait to open the treasure chest. In an instant, under the effect of the double happiness skill, 2 Hundred Forged Yanling Sabers were pierced into the ground in front of Su Yu.

At this moment, the Hundred Forged Yanling Sabers that were pierced through the ground flashed with a cold light, proving that it was incomparably sharp.

Reaching out to grab the handle of the saber, Su Yu drew his saber and casually swung it down. Immediately, Su Yu discovered that this saber was extremely handy, be it in terms of weight or other aspects.

In fact, if it was an ordinary survivor, they would not be able to unleash much power because their strength and physique could not keep up. After waving it a few times, they would be exhausted.

Su Yus own physique and strength were sufficient enough for him to use the Hundred Forged Yanling Saber smoothly. That was why he felt that it was extremely convenient. If it was before Su Yus stats increased, his situation would probably be no different from other survivors.

“With the sharpness of this blade, its enough to cut off the sea monkeys head!” Su Yu stretched out his hand and lightly flicked the blade, using the water monkey as a reference.

First, a moment of silence for the sea monkey that had its eyes on Su Yus island.

At this moment, Su Yu held the Hundred Forged Yanling Saber in his hand and started wielding it without any pattern. After hacking at the void for more than ten times, Su Yu casually put the Hundred Forged Yanling Saber back into its scabbard.

With Su Yus current strength and physique, if the sea monkey dared to set foot on the island, it would definitely be hacked to death.

Although Su Yu had never systematically practiced his saber techniques, he could still randomly swing it around1. In terms of strength and speed, it would be difficult for a creature like the water monkey, whose basic stats were lower than Su Yus, to dodge his attacks

At this moment, Su Yu, who had a good start, started strolling along the shoreline.

[ treasure chests have gathered in this part of the sea. You are recommended to cast the fishing net here.]

“Bring me the fishing net.” After finding a spot to cast the net, Su Yu shouted at the goblins.

Upon hearing Su Yus shout, the goblins immediately picked up the fishing net and rushed over.

Su Yu reached out and took the simple fishing net from the goblins. Then, he skillfully hung ten portions of ordinary bait and threw the fishing net out.

It had to be said that this simple fishing net was an early-stage novice divine artifact for someone like Su Yu, who had a ridiculous amount of ordinary bait!

After tying up the fishing net to a stake, Su Yu found another spot to cast the other fishing net and threw it out.

On the other side, Wang Teng – who also hadnt slept yet and had chosen to fish at night like Su Yu – was scared out of his wits.

He had just picked up the two large flashlights from the treasure chest he had fished up earlier in the day. In the next second, just as he was about to release his bladder into the sea, a black figure suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea not far away from him.

This scared him so much that he trembled and almost wet his hands.

A few seconds later, when he came back to his senses, Wang Teng quickly took a few steps back. Then, he quickly pulled up his pants and looked at the sea nervously.

“F*ck, there cant be sea ghosts, right” When he thought of the forbidden women1 and sea ghosts from those horror novels, he couldnt help but swallow hard to relieve the pressure in his heart.

F*ck, Im not hallucinating, right He pinched his thigh hard.

In the next second, he gasped in pain.

“Oh my god, there really are monsters in the sea!”




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