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Chapter 5: Obtained Bait-Making Materials

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Then, Su Yu put the two boxes of lighters aside and turned to look at the two goblins who were working hard.

At this moment, the two goblins were trimming the wood with sabers. However, it was really difficult to use a broadsword to make wooden tables and stools.

After thinking for a while, Su Yu put up a trade offer for a few lighters on the trading channel and set the conditions.

Items to Trade: Windproof Lighter (5 Unit)

Items in Exchange: Exchange each lighter for 0/1 handmade saw, 0/1 chisel, 0/1 axe, 0/1 plank, 0/1 hammer.

After putting up the trade offer, Su Yu stopped looking at the trading channel and continued fishing.

Su Yu still had six portions of ordinary bait on hand, which was enough for him to fish for another six treasure chests.

To be honest, the thing that Su Yu wanted to fish out the most was actually the ordinary energy crystal that can be used to make bait. After all, this particular object was the most important thing.

Su Yu knew how to make the bait after carefully looking at it. The detailed information about the bait – including the composition of the bait – appeared in his sight.

However, whether or not he could catch this specific item depended on luck. It was also possible that someone had already caught it, but they did not sell it on the trading channel. This was very likely.

This was because this kind of energy crystal was obviously not an ordinary item. Even if others did not have Su Yus insight skill and did not know the use of the energy crystal immediately, they would not casually trade it on the trading channel.

Su Yu felt that it shouldnt be too difficult to obtain energy crystals that could be used to make ordinary baits. Otherwise, with just ten portions of ordinary baits, 50% of the people wouldnt be able to live past the beginner stage.

Time passed by slowly as Su Yu continued fishing.

At this moment, Su Yu was only left with the last two pieces of bait. The four items that Su Yu had caught were...

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[ Ordinary Wooden House Blueprint]

Description: Place the blueprint on a hundred pieces of wood and choose to use the blueprint. You can build a 15-square-meter wooden house yourself.

[ Ordinary fresh apple]

Description: An apple with a freshness of more than 95. It is edible. Best consumed within 10 days. Store in the shade to maintain its freshness for a longer time.

[ Ordinary Energy Crystal]

Description: One of the materials used to make ordinary bait. By crushing it and mixing it with flour, you can make ordinary bait.

Note: One Energy Crystal can be used to make 30 ordinary baits.

[ Ordinary bamboo mat]

Description: An ordinary mat. Its more comfortable to sleep on the mat than on hard ground.

To be honest, after obtaining the energy crystals, Su Yu was immediately relieved.

After all, flour should be easier to obtain than energy crystals.Su Yu did not believe that no one in the region couldnt manage to catch any flour.

Therefore, during the last two fishing sessions, Su Yu fished in a more relaxed manner.

[Ding! The windproof lighter you uploaded has been sold. Do you want to withdraw the traded items]

Just as Su Yu was fishing, he heard the notification that the transaction had been successful.

Su Yu did not choose to withdraw the items directly as no treasure chest had taken the bait yet.

Coincidentally, at this moment, Su Yu suddenly felt the fishing rod in his hand getting heavier. After fishing eight times, Su Yu had already figured out the pulling force of the different star-grade treasure chests.

Therefore, Su Yu didnt even need to pull the treasure chest out of the water. Just by the feel of it, Su Yu knew that there was an Ordinary wooden treasure chest under the water.

When Su Yu exerted his strength and dragged the treasure chest to the surface, the star level of the treasure chest was indeed the same as Su Yu had estimated.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains a set of pots, pans, chopsticks, and spoons.

“Its alright. I can use the bowl to have noodles for dinner.” Su Yu nodded slightly at the items in the treasure chest that he had fished up this time.

“The last one. Lets go!” Su Yu looked at the pots and pans piled at the side and casually threw out the last bait.

It was unclear if Su Yus last shot was due to sheer luck or something else. The bait had only been in the water for less than five seconds before the float sank.

“Awesome.” When he pulled the rod, he realized that the force was similar to the feeling of a Ordinary wooden treasure chest. Su Yu couldnt help but exclaim under his breath. This was like fishing a big fish. It felt good.

As Su Yu exerted his strength, the details regarding the treasure chest under the water were also seen by Su Yu.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains an ordinary small car. The fuel tank is full. It is recommended not to drive on the island.

“I... I...” Upon seeing the description of the treasure chest, Su Yu was utterly speechless.

Although he knew that the treasure chests contained all kinds of things, Su Yu had never thought that he would be able to obtain such a thing.

“Drive What is there to drive This island is ten meters in length and width, am I supposed to drive the car into the sea” Fortunately, in Su Yus opinion, this car was not completely useless.

At the very least, before the construction of the wooden house was completed, he could use it to sleep. Sleeping in a car should be more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Moreover, the fuel in the fuel tank could also be used as flammable material

Under Su Yus hard work, the Ordinary wooden treasure chest under the water could not escape his grasp.

Holding the wooden treasure chest and the fishing rod, Su Yu quickly walked toward the two goblins.

“Master.” Upon seeing Su Yu approaching, the two low-level goblins immediately stopped what they were doing and knelt down to greet Su Yu.

Su Yu looked at the wooden bed and table. They were beginning to take shape, but were still otherwise incomplete. Su Yu nodded slightly. The two goblins work speed was not bad.

Then, with a thought from Su Yu, two Toyota cars appeared on the island. This was the advantage ofdouble happiness! One item became two items.

This miraculous scene frightened the two low-level goblins so much that they knelt on the ground again.

“Get up, hurry up and get it done,” Su Yu shouted at the two goblins on the ground.


After saying that, Su Yu opened the door of the Toyota and sat inside. After adjusting the seat, Su Yu relaxed.

To be honest, Su Yu felt quite tired after ten rounds of fishing. Su Yus stamina and energy had been greatly consumed.

As for the others, they might not have as exhausted as Su Yu, because they were not so lucky as to be able to fish out so many Ordinary wooden treasure chests in ten fishing sessions.

Most people would fish out damaged wooden treasure chests, followed by Ordinary wooden treasure chests. Ordinary wooden treasure chests were a rarity.

The others probably had a hard time fishing out the Ordinary wooden treasure chest as they did not have Su Yus insight skill. It would purely depend on their luck to find the perfect fishing spot, let alone fish out the Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest

Most importantly, even if the treasure chests were to take the bait, whether they could pull it ashore was another problem.

Su Yu was able to pull it up because his insight skills allowed him to see the correct strategy to pull the treasure chest ashore. It was basically a cheat skill.



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