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Chapter 8: Emperor Luck

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“I want to know what ordinary energy crystals are used for.” Upon hearing the other partys words, Su Yu could not help but frown slightly.

After some thought, Su Yu typed a message.

“Ill trade you one ordinary energy crystal for the information on how it can be used. I wont trade for any other items. Otherwise, the deals off.”

If there werent a limit to daily trading transactions, Su Yu would naturally not agree to the other partys request. It was precisely because there was a limit to the number of daily transactions that Su Yu decided to take advantage of this information before the public knew about it.

At this moment, Wang Teng, who was on his own island, looked at the DM interface and hesitated.

The two ordinary energy crystals in his hands were definitely rarer than ordinary daily necessities. He knew this, but even though they were rare, he didnt know what they were used for. These two energy crystals were no different from trash in his hands!

After some thought, he decided to use an ordinary energy crystal to exchange for information.

“Boss Su, Ill use an ordinary energy crystal to exchange for this information. You can put anything on the trading channel!” Wang Teng didnt waste any time and replied to Su Yu.

Su Yu, who was paying attention to the DM interface, nodded slightly when he saw the reply. This guy was quite decisive.

Therefore, Su Yu directly posted a trade offer on the trading channel.

Items to Trade: One windproof lighter.

Items in Exchange: Ordinary Energy Crystal

Su Yu, who had so many lighters, was too lazy to put in any rubbish, so he casually uploaded a lighter.

As for Wang Teng – who was staring at the trading channel – he entered the keyword ordinary energy crystal and refreshed it.

When he saw Su Yus trade offer, he immediately chose to trade.

[Ding! The item you uploaded, the windproof lighter, has been successfully traded. Do you want to withdraw the traded item] The moment Wang Tengs transaction was successful, a notification sounded in Su Yus ears.

The corners of Su Yus mouth curled up slightly at this.

“Effect of ordinary energy crystals: Shatter it and add 300 grams of ordinary flour. Roll it together to make 30 portions of ordinary bait.”

Su Yu, who had chosen to withdraw the traded item, looked at the ordinary energy crystal in his hand and unhurriedly sent a message to Wang Teng.

Su Yu didnt cheat Wang Teng and told him the use of ordinary energy crystals. Otherwise, Su Yu could have just told him that ordinary energy crystals were used to make ordinary bait without telling him how to make them.

In fact, the reason why Su Yu had thrown out the method so easily was entirely because he wanted to promote the development of the region. Only then could Su Yu trade for something good.

Otherwise, if Su Yu was the only one in the lead in the region, and the others were still using scrap metal, it would be meaningless. After all, Su Yu did not care much about the production method of ordinary bait.

After all, this bait could only fish out treasure chests at most.

Wang Teng was staring at the DM interface. When he saw the message, his breathing quickened.

This message was much more useful than an ordinary energy crystal!

Without this information, the energy crystals were like ordinary stones in his hands – useless. Now that he knew how to make use of them, he could use the energy crystals and mix them with flour to make ordinary bait.

“Thank you, boss. Thank you very much.” Wang Teng didnt forget to send a message back to Su Yu.

Su Yu replied, “Its a fair trade. If theres anything good later, you can privately message me.”

After saying that, Su Yu logged out of the DM. Now that he had eaten and drunk his fill, it was time for him to work again.

After all, Su Yu had a total of 60 sets of ordinary bait and an energy crystal that had yet to be made into ordinary bait. If he did not fish desperately, Su Yu felt that the ordinary baits would pile up more and more in his hands.

He looked at the sky and realized that there was still some time before it turned dark. He picked up the fishing rod on the ground and walked toward the fishing spot.

[The treasure chest resources in this part of the sea are average. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]

What surprised Su Yu was that the fishing spot, which had previously been rich in resources, had now decreased in resources.

“It seems that the amount of resources under the water is not permanent. It could change at any time.” Su Yu, who was deep in thought, changed his position.

[This part of the sea is barren. There are no treasure chest resources here. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]


After seeing the information floating in front of him, Su Yu could only continue to change his position.


After Su Yu changed nine spots in a row, he finally found a fishing spot rich in treasure chest resources.

“Damn it, if it werent for my insight skill, I might seriously be in trouble.”

As this thought flashed through Su Yus mind, he flung the fishing rod and threw the fishing line out.

After that, it was unknown whether Su Yu had really been blessed by Lady Luck, but he managed to fish up ten treasure chests in an hour and a half.

In total, he had obtained four [Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest], three [ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest], and three [ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest].

From all of these treasure chests, Su Yu obtained:

[Ordinary Wood*40] [Zhonghua Cigarettes (One Pack)*2] [5 kg of Rice*2] [500g pack of salt*4]

[ 20 liters of Diesel Oil*2] [Luxury massage chair*2] [25 kg pack of cement*2]

[Ordinary Fishing Rod Blueprint*2] [Ordinary Bungalow Construction Blueprint*2] [Improved Bait*4]

At this moment, Su Yu was paying more attention to the items inside the Wooden Treasure Chest. As for the rest of the items, even if he didnt have the insight skill, Su Yu was very familiar with what they could be used for.

At this moment, Su Yus gaze was focused on the items that he obtained from the three Wooden treasure chests.

[Ordinary Fishing Rod Blueprint]

Description: Can be used to collect materials, to upgrade the Beginners Fishing Rod. Upgrade requires the following materials.

The source of this content is n/ov//el/bin[./]net'

Glass steel 0/1, PE braided thread 0/1, carbon cloth 0/1.


[Ordinary Bungalow Construction Blueprint]

Description: Can be used to build a 30 square meter ordinary bungalow. The construction materials are as follows:

Concrete 0/25, red brick 0/200, sand 0/100.

[Improved Bait]

Description: Can be used to fish from to Level Treasure Chest.

Note: It is recommended to use the bait together with the upgraded version of the beginners fishing rod. Using the beginners fishing rod with this bait can cause the fishing rod to be damaged.



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