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Chapter 426: Ye Xiao, Be a Human Again


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“Lets not just stand here like fools.

This is the star field of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Not long from now, there will definitely be more people coming over.

Lets quickly escape and hurry back to the surface world.”


Five figures quickly flew in the direction of the human world.

In any case, White Tiger and the others blood essence and divine souls were all with Ye Xiao.

It would be very easy for them to be revived, so they did not need to worry at all.

On Ye Xiaos side, he had just returned to his home when he suddenly felt that something was not quite right.

He took out the tokens that had collected the blood essence and divine souls of Emperor Jing and the others and discovered that three of them were emitting light.

‘They were White Tigers, Lu Qingshans, and Li Liushuis.

‘It seems that my guess is correct.

They have indeed met with big trouble.

In reality, with their cultivation, they were already not enough in the starry sky.

They would only be cannon fodder if they went up.

With their own divine weapons, they might still be able to hold on for a little longer.

However, there was a certain limit to the combat strength that the divine weapons could increase.

‘The most important thing was still to see their strength.

However, it was fortunate that he had thought of that problem in advance.

He had preserved their divine souls and blood essence.

At that moment, he could revive them.

Ye Xiao extracted their divine blood and divine souls from the small token and then activated the Undying masterpiece technique.

Colorful rays of light shone on their divine blood and divine souls, reviving the three of them in the blink of an eye.

After reviving, the three of them could not help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw Ye Xiao.

“Were finally back.

Ye Xiao, its all thanks to you this time.

Otherwise, the few of us would have stayed in the starry sky forever.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Actually, he did not quite understand one thing.

Those few drops of divine blood and divine soul were expelled from their bodies previously.

They did not experience the starry sky together with them, why could they remember the matter of clearing the starry sky

It was probably because the Undying masterpiece technique involved some special power of laws, right

‘Thinking carefully, the power of laws seemed to be an extremely mysterious domain.

Ye Xiao could not see it, but he had always sensed its existence.

‘The archaic masterpiece technique could already contain a portion of the power of laws, but it was not very pure.

‘That made Ye Xiao wonder if there was an even more powerful existence above the archaic masterpiece technique.

He also did not know if there was an introduction about the special laws in the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

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‘The star beast miners that Dragon Bird and the others had captured worked overtime day and night.

There was only 10 percent left to break through the passageway that led to the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Soon, they would soon obtain the primordial Divine Kingdoms core treasure!

As long as he obtained that core treasure, Ye Xiao was confident that he could quickly nurture himself into a Godly Emperor.

“Ye Xiao, I feel that my cultivation has increased a little.

Is this an illusion”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Its not an illusion.

This is because before you were resurrected, you experienced a great battle and had already comprehended quite a few martial intent concepts.

This will speed up your advancement.

“After you resurrected, because this martial concept is still lingering in your mind, now is the best opportunity for you to advance.”

“Is that so”

‘The three of them were overjoyed.

Their current strength was already at the peak of the King realm and lesser Emperor realm.

They were only one step away from advancing to the Emperor realm that they dreamed of!

Since they had the opportunity to advance, they naturally would not waste that good opportunity.

They immediately prepared to cross their legs and cultivate.

Ye Xiao threw some porcelain bottles to the three of them.

“Eat these pills.

They can help you increase your spiritual energy.

When you advance, your spiritual energy will be endless.

It wont be so bad that you will fail to advance because you dont have enough spiritual energy.”

“Thank you!”

The three of them immediately swallowed their pills.

The pills melted in their mouths and instantly turned into huge and pure energy.

It merged into their bodies and washed through their internal organs and meridians.

With the help of the abundant spiritual energy, their strength continued to increase.

Finally, after a night of cultivation, their cultivation bases announced that they had advanced to the Emperor realm.

‘That was because the world had been modified to be more powerful, the Emperor realm could no longer attract the lightning tribulation.

However, they were still true Emperor realm experts.

The three of them opened their eyes and could not help but be overjoyed.

“Weve finally advanced to this realm.”

Lu Qingshan and Li Liushui were so excited that their eyes could not help but turn red.

‘They had cultivated for hundreds of years in the past and never thought that they would be able to step into the Emperor realm one day.

However, that beautiful dream had already become a reality.

‘There were naturally many other factors involved in that.

‘That included things like the spiritual energy density of the god race that had changed that world, imparting them with even more powerful god-level cultivation techniques, imparting them with even more advanced experience…

Even so, to them, the most important and indispensable thing was Ye Xiaos help.

If not for Ye Xiao, although they could also advance to the Emperor realm, who knew how long they would have to wait

Ye Xiao had made them greatly reduce the time.

It would also give them more time and energy to strive for the next realm.

Therefore, to them, Ye Xiao was the greatest contributor.

Just as the few of them were prepared to go forward and thank Ye Xiao, an extremely powerful aura suddenly erupted from Ye Xiaos body.

Due to the aura being too terrifying, it instantly suppressed the three of them.

Their breathing froze on the spot, and their faces turned red as they knelt on the ground.

“My God, what a powerful, terrifying aura! This fellow actually raised his realm once again Isnt it a little too fast for him to raise his realm”

“Isnt he the legendary Godslayer realm master now I heard that Godslayer masters, even the direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clans young masters, take several years to advance to a new realm.

And ordinary people, even if they take decades or hundreds of years, might not be able to advance to a

new realm.

“How did he advance so quickly”

“Maybe he hasnt advanced for a long time and just happened to bump into us.

“Hes already very monstrous.

His aptitude is even higher than those direct descendantsYoung Masters! With his current strength, he should be at the early stages of the Godslayer realm.

Its understandable that he advanced a little faster.”

White Tiger Venerables words made Li Liushui and Lu Qingshan nod in agreement.

“That should be the case.

I remember that he was able to kill enemies of a higher cultivation level, and the Yun family elder Yun Shui that he killed before was at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

“In addition, Yun Shui is a beastmaster, so his true combat strength isnt strong.

“Therefore, his current cultivation should be below the fourth level of the Godslayer realm.”

Just as they were discussing, Ye Xiao woke up from his meditation.

He opened his eyes, and the lightning in his eyes made the three of them shiver uncontrollably.


Ye Xiao let out a deep breath.

The rich spiritual energy blew on the three of them, instantly making them feel refreshed.

The cultivation techniques in their bodies began to circulate a little faster.

“Looks like the seniors have advanced very smoothly.”

Ye Xiao smiled slightly, but the three of them looked at him with great anticipation.

“Ye Xiao, did you advance again just now What realm are you at now The third or fourth level of the Godslayer realm”

“Uh… Three…”

He did not tell the truth and was prepared to find an excuse to brush it off.

However, before he could finish, the Dragon Bird leisurely walked in the next second.

“Master, youve advanced again I could feel your aura from afar.

Youve advanced to the seventh level of the Godslayer realm so quickly!

“At this rate, it wont be long before your cultivation level can easily advance to the Godly King realm.”

The entire room instantly became deathly silent.

‘The minds of the three felt as though they had just been blown up by a huge bomb.

Countless huge waves surged out, unable to calm down for a long time.

The Godslayer realms… Seventh level

Was there a mistake

Or did they hear wrongly

Or could it be that the world was too crazy

How long had it been since the god race descended

At the very most, it would only be two years at the very most.

It definitely would not be three years.

Two years ago, Ye Xiaos cultivation was only above the Emperor realm and there were not many dragons.

At that moment, he had already advanced to the seventh level of the Godslayer realm.

Was he joking with them

Was he still human

Any individual would not be able to advance so quickly, right

Only then did the Dragon Bird see the other three people.

That was because Ye Xiao had just advanced, his aura suppressed the three people, so he did not feel it.

Looking at the dead silence in the room, he could not help but speak slowly,

“That… Did I say something wrong Or did I come at a bad time”

Ye Xiao glanced at him in annoyance.



‘The Dragon Bird tured around and ran, afraid that Ye Xiao would pluck his fur.

As for the trio, they swallowed a mouthful of saliva in unison.


The three peoples eyes stared straight at Ye Xiao as they said faintly,

“Ye Xiao, tell us frankly.

Are you really from our Xuan Yuan clan Or are you actually the direct descendant of one of the best god clans in the starry skies And then ran here to gain experience”

“Youve misunderstood.

Im the same as all of you.

I was born in this human world and am a descendant of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The same blood flows in my body.”

“Idont believe it.”

Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“If you dont believe it, theres nothing I can do.

What I said is the truth.”

“Then tell us, how did you cultivate to this realm in such a short period of time”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

“Well… Its just… Reading books, eating some star beast meat.

Occasionally, there might be a little fortuitous encounter or something like that.

Other than that, its nothing.”

The corners of the three peoples mouths could not help but twitch violently.

Why did it feel as if he said it was as simple as sprinkling water

The problem was that those people cultivated to the point of death every day, but compared to him, their cultivation levels were completely different from the sky and the earth.

Was there still any justice in that Was there still any law

Heavens, take back that monster!


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