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Chapter 86: The Last Body-refining Technique

The Shadow Snake was very smart.

Many years ago, when it was on the brink of death, it hid its soul in Fa Zhengs body.

By using Fa Zheng to become stronger and finally possess his body, it could directly obtain the body of a human grandmaster.

At that moment, when it encountered an existence with an unknown amount of strength, it did not hesitate at all and chose to escape at the next second.

However, it did not think of the question, could it escape

From the moment Ye Xiao activated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, which had already locked onto it completely.

When it wanted to escape, Ye Xiaos attack was also launched in an instant.


The Big Dippers Grand Mystery ruthlessly crushed the Shadow Snakes soul with a lightning-like posture.

In just an instant, it blasted the Shadow Snakes soul into pieces.

Fa Zhengs soul, which was originally suppressed, instantly reacted and took that opportunity to force the dark snakes soul fragment out of his body.

In an instant, Fa Zhengs body emitted a resplendent golden light that lit up the entire room.

Ye Xiao stretched lazily, flipped over, and covered himself with the blanket, entering his dream.

Not long after, Fa Zheng slowly opened his eyes.

The kindness in his eyes had once again returned to its original state.

All the gloom had disappeared.

Not only that, there was a hint of determination in his eyes.

At that moment, the martial intent in his heart had once again stabilized.

Looking at the bed next to him, where Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli were sleeping soundly, Fa Zheng let out a breath of turbid air.

He smiled and chanted the name of Buddha.


After that, he continued meditating.

The night passed very quickly.

The next morning, the two of them had a delicious breakfast and began their work of slaying demons and devils.

The entire activity lasted for a full ten days.

After ten days, the two of them returned to the library.

The director, Ouyang Yunzhong, personally received them at the main entrance.

“Master Fa Zheng, its been hard on you these past few days.”

Fa Zheng raised his hand and bowed, smiling.

“Amitabha, head of the library, youre too polite.

This penniless monk has gained quite a lot in these past ten days.”

“The governor and Commander Nangong have already set up a grand banquet at the Jianghai City Hotel.”

“Amitabha, I appreciate the governors kindness.

However, this penniless monk still has to rush to the next city.

Please forgive this penniless monk for not being able to meet them.”

Ouyang Yunzhong knew that Fa Zheng was not that kind of layman, so she did not try to dissuade him.

Instead, she smiled and said,

“In that case, I wish you a safe journey, Master.”

Fa Zheng nodded and immediately looked at Ye Xiao.

He took out a handwritten cultivation technique from his sleeve.


Ye, thank you for leading the way for this penniless monk these past few days.

Before we part, this penniless monk did not have any worldly gifts, so this penniless monk copied a Shaolin body-refining cultivation technique, Golden Armor.”

Ye Xiao accepted the technique.

“Then I wont be courteous with Master.”


Ye, this penniless monk still has the same words.

Your temperament is not bad and you are fated with Buddha.

If there is an opportunity in the future, you should still go to Shaolin Martial Arts Academy to give it a try.”

Ye Xiao said with a faint smile,

“If I go to Shaolin Martial Arts Academy for the sake of cultivating martial arts and become utilitarian, wouldnt I have lost this state of mind”

Fa Zheng was taken aback before he nodded with a smile.

“This penniless monk did not expect that I would make a fool of myself.

The mountain is high and the road is long.

The sky is high and the water is long.

We shall bid farewell here.

We shall meet again in the future.”

“We shall meet again in the future.”

The two of them bade farewell.

Ye Xiao and Ouyang Yunzhong watched Fa Zhengs back as he left.

Under the setting sun, Fa Zhengs figure was stretched out.

He was like an ascetic monk.

He was like a drop in the ocean in the crowd and did not reveal himself.

However, just a glance at his figure was enough to be infected by his determination and persistence.

No matter how agitated his heart was, he could still calm down.

“Looks like you and Master Fa Zheng are getting along well.”

When Fa Zheng was far away, Ouyang Yunzhong smiled and brought it up.

“Its not bad.”

“Master Fa Zhengs position in the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy is very good.

Although you have always been more Buddhist and do not fight for anything, sometimes you still have to fight for certain things.

There are some opportunities that can only be encountered by chance, but once missed, you will never have it again in your lifetime.”

It was obvious that Ouyang Yunzhong was also trying to persuade Ye Xiao.

Shaolin Martial Arts Academy was the most prosperous martial arts academy in Chu province.

In the nine provinces, it was also one of the top few academies.

Fa Zheng was one of the veteran professors.

To be able to get his attention and support, Ye Xiao might not have a bright future, but he would definitely be more than a hundred times stronger than now.

However, Ye Xiao still did not move.

He only handed the car keys and bank card in his hand to director Ouyang.

“Its too tiring to fight for fame and fortune.

Ill just be a librarian.”

Director Ouyang shook his head helplessly.

Ye Xiao was good in every way, but his personality was too nonchalant.

He spent all day reading in the library, without any desires or ambitions.

If that continued, this child would probably be alone for the rest of his life, becoming single for the rest of his life.

‘There seems to be a record on this childs resume that his parents were heroes who died in battle on the battlefield, right Its hard enough for him, being alone.

‘Speaking of which, two days ago, my sister asked me to introduce someone to her granddaughter.

Why dont… Let ye Xiao try it out

On the other side, in an underground sewer in the center of Jianghai city, a few black shadows gathered together.

“I found it.

That Shaolins old bald donkey has already gone to the neighboring city.”

“D*mn, hes finally gone.

Ive been on tenterhooks these past few days.

I dont even dare to sleep, afraid that Ill be caught.”

“Every time before the seven stars aligned, the humans would always carry out a clean-up operation.

This time, almost all of our brothers in Jianghai city were about to be killed.

This debt can not be settled just like that.”

“Thats right! We must make the humans pay with blood! However, the day of the seven stars aligned has yet to come.

Our strength has yet to reach its peak.

For the time being, its not suitable for us to make a big move against the humans.”

“Even though thats the case, we can still collect someinterest first.

The kid that Jianghai city sent to lead the way for the Shaolin old bald donkey this time is only a Houtian second-grade martial artist.

Lets start with him and pay tribute to the souls of our dead brothers in heaven!”

“Good Idea! I want to cut him into pieces and eat him alive.”

“Pull out his tendons and skin him! Stew him into meat soup!”

“Make him wish he couldnt live, wish he could die, and regret being a lackey for all eternity!”

On Ye Xiaos side, he did not know that he had been targeted.

He returned home and began to read the Golden Armour body-refining technique.

When he had just received the Golden Armor technique, the Golden Book in his body had jumped quickly.

It was very obvious that the Golden Armor technique was the last basic body-refining technique that he had been searching for and had yet to find.

After cultivating that technique, he would be able to synthesize a top-notch body refining technique.

‘I wonder what kind of powerful body-refining technique I would obtain


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