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Chapter 14: She Likes You (1)

As the sun got shrouded, the two peoples shadow overlapped together giving a different sense of ambiguity.

After asking once, Ji Qingying didnt urge him anymore, but instead opted to stare fixedly at him.

Her dazzling, beautiful, and alluring face could be seen reflecting in his eyes.

It was not possible to refuse requests from such a person.

Even Fu Yanzhi was no exception.

He took back his gaze that couldnt help but fall on her face and asked quietly, “Can I say no”

Ji Qingying smiled and bent down.

Her breath could be felt on the top of his head, “Maybe”

“But if you refuse, I have other means to force you.”

“….” Fu Yanzhi.

After speaking, Ji Qingying didnt care anymore to further ask about Fu Yanzhis opinion and placed her hand on his shoulder.

His shoulders were wide, which makes people feel a sense of security.

Ji Qingying bent and leaned over as her breathing undulated on the side of his ear.

Fu Yanzhi ceased his eyebrows vaguely but didnt push the person away.

The two of them were in the middle of the ruins, adding a bright color to the monochrome place.

The man looked extremely outstanding, squatting halfway in front of the beautiful woman, and they looked at each other, high and low, like lovers who met after a war.

Eager to talk words of love that no one knew about.

Ambiguous feelings began to dissipate.

Dissipated from the chest, making people unable to hold on and keep them under control.

Ji Qingying was half-leaning on Fu Yanzhis shoulder, her face involuntarily started blushing.

She smelled the scent of fir on his body.

It wasnt particularly a good smell, but it made her infatuated.

Time seemed to have stopped.

A minute would go by like a year.

Two people were breathing, one after the other in an intertwined manner.

When Fu Yanzhi accidentally touched her lower leg, her breathing became stagnant and she subconsciously withdrew her leg backward.

But after her shoe was pulled out, Ji Qingying breathed a sigh of relief.

She withdrew her hand from Fu Yanzhis shoulder and didnt take advantage of him again, “Thank you.

Fu Yanzhi didnt utter a word.

Her cheeks were stained with redness as she pursed her lower lip, “Im going to work first.”

“En.” Fu Yanzhi replied and looked calmly in the direction she was going.

The two mens eyes collided.

Jian Ping was still standing there.

When Ji Qingying came nearer, he shifted his attention to her, “Something happened”

Ji Qingying was taken aback and then realized that he had seen the scene just now.

She paused, a little embarrassed, “Its nothing, my heel got stuck in a small crack.”

Jian Ping looked down at her feet and said, “Its better to wear sneakers for work.”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Sorry, Ill pay attention next time.”

Jian Ping was the custom director.

In Ji Qingyings perspective, he was no different from her boss.

Meaning, she usually listened to her bosss words.

If her work got delayed because of personal reasons, she would express her apology and correct herself.

Hearing her words, Jian Ping realized that she had misunderstood.

He moved his lips and wanted to say something.

However, Ji Qingying had already changed the subject.

“What did you need to discuss with me”

Jian Ping said, “I want to make some changes in the counterparts small details.”

The two people went farther and farther away as they chatted.

Disappear at the end of sight.

Ji Qingying spent the whole morning sitting inside the room, communicating with the designer.

She had no time to talk to Fu Yanzhi again.

Fu Yanzhi walked around and returned to the shooting area.

Chen Muqing and others had also arrived.

They came to check their friends work set, naturally improving the quality of food for the crew.

The lunch was ordered by Jiang Chen.

Everyone was delighted.

Ji Qingying looked at the delicious food that she had not seen for a long time and was in a good mood.

“Its been a long time since I have eaten this well.”

Rong Xue looked at the meat in front of her and expressed her extreme grievance, “I hope Teacher Jiang and them will visit the crew every day.”

Ji Qingying couldnt help but laugh.

She curled her lips and smiled, “Meaning, I treated you badly before this”

Rong Xue waved her hand frantically, “Thats definitely not what I meant!”

With the intention of buttering plastered on her face, she smiled and said, “Sister Qingying is the best to me.”

Jian Ping sat on the empty seat beside them and said with a smile, “Thats right.”

He looked at Ji Qingying: “I havent seen a boss who has no arrogance like Qingying.”

Ji Qingying gave a faint smile.

“Im not a boss either.”

Jian Ping smiled and asked in a low voice, “Rong Xue has been by your side for several years, right”

Ji Qingying smiled, “Not really.”

Rong Xue also quickly said, “It hasnt been a few years, since I only started following Sister Qingying last year.”

Hearing what she said, Jian Ping was slightly surprised, “Only a year”

Rong Xue nodded.

Jian Ping looked at Ji Qingying, who was silent, “Did you directly open a studio after graduation”

Ji Qingying answered, “Yes.”

With this, Jian Ping naturally followed his curiosity to ask more, “Its rare for a fresh graduate like you to open a studio.

Why didnt you go for work in s company”

Ji Qingying held the chopsticks in her hand and said nothing.

A designer on the opposite side heard this and also joined in, “This is true, Qingying, I wanted to ask you before.

You should have good grades in school.

Why didnt you go to those famous design companies after graduation”

According to common sense.

Ninety-nine percent of people will join a company after graduation, if a person wants to be famous, and wants to develop their skills more and more.

Comparatively speaking, a company could apprehend the designer competitions places and resources, which will give you more opportunities for exposure.

In addition, many competitions had conditions or limitations.

It was only amiable for a designer who worked alone.

Ji Qingying looked down and stared at the food that had made her salivate, and suddenly lost her appetite.

She took the cup on her side and drank to moisten her throat.

She calmly said, “I yearn for freedom.”

Jian Ping and another designer were stunned.

Just as they were about to talk, Ji Qingying suddenly stood up.

There was no smile in her eyes and she replied without any emotion in her voice, “It suddenly occurred to me that there is still something I need to do.

Teachers, you all please take your time and eat slowly, Ill go ahead and work.”

After that, she didnt wait for anyone to react, and for the first time, she left the scene impolitely.

Just then, Fu Yanzhi came over from the other side, but before he could raise his eyes, Ji Qingying had already passed by him.

Rong Xue was following after her.

When she saw Fu Yanzhi, she didnt stop.

After two steps forward, Rong Xue suddenly turned around.

“Doctor Fu, have you eaten yet”

Fu Yanzhi looked back at her.

Looking at his indifferent eyes, Rong Xue stammered while speaking, “Can…can I ask you a favor”

“Say it.”


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