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Chapter 34: Bad Mood (4)

In the next second, Ye Zhenzhen let go of her hand and ran off.

Hearing footsteps behind her, Ji Qingying looked back.

She could see that the staff members face was not evenly smeared with a normal skin tone.

She paused for a while then walked forward unhurriedly.

Very startling.

In the beginning, she was quite scared, but after a while, contrary to earlier, she had already calmed down.

Twenty minutes later.

Ji Qingying finally understood why Ye Zhenzhens classmates were unwilling to come to a haunted house with her.

She was the one who wanted to come to the haunted house the most.

But she was also the one who got scared the most.

So much so that she could cause even the staff in the haunted house to panic and get scared off.

After coming out, the two stood at the back door of the haunted house and looked at each other.

Ji Qingying glanced at her blushing face and patted her shoulder comfortingly.



Ji Qingying said seriously, “Its better if you change your hobby.”

Ye Zhenzhen: “…”

After that, they went back to pick up the phones that they had left with the staff in case they might lose them.

Ji Qingying glanced at the screen and saw several missed calls.

Stunned, she stretched out her hand to unlock her phone.

They were from Fu Yanzhi.

Ye Zhenzhen came over, bobbing her small head, and said, “Wow, my brother called so many times.

Sister Ji, you should give him a call back soon, see if he has gotten off from work yet or not.”

Ji Qingying glanced at the time, “Its still early and not even six oclock yet.”

She put away her phone.

“Lets wait until six oclock then we give him a call again.”

She looked at the person next to her, “What do you want to try next”

Ye Zhenzhen thought for a while, blinked, and said, “How about we go on something exciting”


“How about a roller coaster”


The haunted house was near a playground.

This amusement park was not very big, but there were also many attractions commonly found anywhere.

Ji Qingying and Ye Zhenzhen went on one after another exciting attraction like roller coasters, pirate ships, and other thrilling rides.

The moment they got down both of their legs felt weak.

Ji Qingying sat on the bench to rest, her face was pale.

She always thought that she had good tolerance, but she didnt think that she would get defeated by the excitement of the rides.

It just so happened that the two were sitting under a big tree and the rays of the setting sun fell through the sparse and irregularly falling leaves, casting spots of light on the ground.

The scene felt vague yet dim.

Bright yet dark.

Ji Qingying closed her eyes to rest.

Ye Zhenzhen quickly came over, looked at Ji Qingyings face, and whispered, “Sister Ji, I will go and buy two bottles of water, please wait for me over here.”

“Let me go and buy it.”

“No need no need.” Ye Zhenzhen pointed.

“The color of your face doesnt look good.

Let me go and buy it.”

After hearing that, Ji Qingying didnt struggle anymore.

The moment Fu Yanzhi arrived, he only saw her sitting alone on a long bench.

With the way she was sitting, she looked very well-mannered.

Her elbow supported her slightly swaying head.

With her eyes closed, Fu Yanzhi couldnt tell what mood she was in.

But her facial complexion wasnt really that good.

He paused and was just about to get closer when saw Ye Zhenzhen running from the other side.

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and glanced at her.

Ye Zhenzhen understood what his gaze meant and carefully handed him a bottle of mineral water and quietly said, “I will go and wait for you in the car.”

Fu Yanzhi gave her the car keys.

After Ye Zhenzhen left, Fu Yanzhi walked towards her again.

After hearing some footsteps, Ji Qingying naturally opened her eyes and said in a daze.


Before she could finish, Ji Qingying became stunned after looking at the person standing in front of her.

Fu Yanzhi was in front of her, blocking the sun rays with his figure.

He was looking down at her.

Dazed, she looked up at him and asked, “Why are you here”


Fu Yanzhi glanced down and said lightly, “I heard that someone was not in a good mood, so I came over and to take a look.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She paused and looked at him with a smile.

“Who said that I am not in a good mood”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her again.

“I didnt specifically say anything about you.”


Ji Qingying became speechless with those words and looked askance.

“You got off from work quite early today.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

He stared at her with a deep look in his gaze, bent down, and asked, “Whats the matter”


Ji Qingying looked straight at him, not understanding.

“Whats wrong with me”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say a word.

His gaze was fixed on her.

He looked her over from top to bottom, inch by inch.

For a moment, Ji Qingying felt that Fu Yanzhi had a kind of ability where he could grab hold of a persons soul.

An ability where he could see through all of her hidden thoughts.

She pursed her lips and still shook her head.

“Really, it is nothing.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.


Ji Qingying looked at him in surprise.

“What is okay”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her, sat down beside her and opened the bottled mineral water, and handed it to her.

“Drink two sips.”


She took it and sipped some.

“Do you still want to have fun”

Ji Qingying shook her head.

Fu Yanzhi understood then asked in a low voice, “Then want to go home”


“Can you walk”

Ji Qingying nodded.

“I can.”

She said in a low voice.

“Dont think that I am that weak.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say a word and just stared at her from the side.

Suddenly he said, “I hope that you are a little bit weaker now.”

Ji Qingying stared directly into his eyes.

Fu Yanzhi stretched out his hand, rubbed her messy hair, and with a deep voice said, “If you dont show any weakness, how can I comfort you”

Ji Qingying could only stare blankly.

She looked straight at him.

Her lips fluttered open and close, but she couldnt say a word.

This guys eyes had a heavy depth to them and at this moment, only her shadow could be seen in those eyes.

He squeezed Ji Qingyings cheek, smiled, and said, “Usually you dont hesitate to take the opportunity and grab an advantage, but why are you so courteous today”

Ji Qingying: “…”

Her cheeks became a little red at that and she tried defending herself, “Me…. Courteous

Fu Yanzhi sighed, “Am I wrong”


He looked at her and said softly, “Dont say anything if you dont want to.”

“…I originally didnt have much to say.”

That was Ji Qingyings one final effort for a struggle.

Fu Yanzhi smiled but didnt speak.

He stopped and squatted in front of her unexpectedly.

Ji Qingying looked at him in surprise.

“What are you—”

“Get up.”

Fu Yanzhi said lightly, “I will carry you out.”


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