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Chapter 35: Why Are You So Manipulative (1)

She froze, her breath getting caught in her lungs.

She was taken aback as she looked at the beautiful, arched back of the man who was squatting down.

Not aware of what she was doing, Fu Yanzhi glanced at her.

“Dont want me to carry you”

Ji Qingying met his gaze and pursed her lower lip, “No.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say anything and did not urge her.

After a moment of silence, Ji Qingying slowly climbed onto his back.

This mans back was much wider than she had imagined.

The sudden and unexplainable sense of security made her heart beat faster.

A short while later, Ji Qingying realized that she had been coaxed.

To be honest, Su Wanyings words didnt affect Ji Qingying.

On the contrary, they had a very big effect.

At the time in the hospital, the reason retorted so generously and gracefully, to the extent that she even responded politely to those words, was that she was Fu Yanzhis colleague.

She was unwilling to speculate about someone elses intentions with malice in her own heart.

On another hand though, it was because she felt that Su Wanying was telling the truth.

Although Ji Qingying had always thought that doctors were also human beings and if there was no emergency, they would also rest at noon, have their meals, and chat with family or friends.

But most people subconsciously thought that doctors were like gods and that they shouldnt have private time.

Ji Qingying disagreed with that.

Regardless of who it was.

Doctors and nurses were not really angels who desired nothing.

They can do everything.

Even answer questions for patients during their breaks.

Thats their responsibility, but its not the right of others to enforce those responsibilities.

Throughout the afternoon, Ji Qingying thought a lot.

She was a person who easily thought too much and with all reasons added up, it made her have such negative thoughts and moods.

She was wondering if she really should act like this.

Even if she kept thinking back about everything to herself, she knew she hadnt delayed Fu Yanzhis work and never took up any of his working hours.

But in the end, it still bothered her.

When she was with Ye Zhenzhen she heard a lot about Fu Yanzhis past.

From that, she knew that he had chosen to become a doctor all by himself.

It could be clearly seen how much he loved his career and how serious and responsible he was about it.

So she was reflecting.

After reflecting on it she felt a bit sad.

Clearly, she had done nothing wrong, but she felt like she was a heinous person.

Like a bad woman who was holding Fu Yanzhi back.

But now, the sadness she was feeling had disappeared.

She was on his back, feeling his body heat through his thin clothes.

This mans body temperature was much higher than she had imagined.

It could be felt through the two layers of clothes on his body.

It spread from her chest to the whole of her body.

Fu Yanzhi.

It was like he always had a way to get rid of the troubles in her heart immediately.

He could make her mood turn from cloudy to sunny.

Thinking all that, Ji Qingying took a deep breath and leaned towards where his neck was exposed.

Then gently took in a breath and let it out shallowly, so much so that it slightly brushed past his neck.

Fu Yanzhi paused for a while and before Ji Qingying was aware of what she had done, “Hold tight.” He suddenly told her.


She slowly wrapped her hands that had been on his shoulder, around his neck.

She tilted her head and smelled his cool scent.

Fu Yanzhi walked very steadily.

Under the setting sun, two figures seemed to overlap and left traces of where they had passed.

In another way, they were embracing each other.

After walking for a while, Ji Qingying raised her eyes.

She stared at Fu Yanzhis side profile.

He had a long neck and white skin.

He had an indescribable type of beauty to him.

If one looked upwards from his chin, the lines were smooth.

The setting sun fell on this side of his face and the halo of the warm light mixed with his features made them appear a little bit softer.

Lifting her gaze further up, Ji Qingyings eyes fell on his ears.

She pursed her lower lip as her nose pointed against the back collar of his shirt and whispered, “Fu Yanzhi.”


Ji Qingying silently bent her lips and asked softly, “Are you feeling very hot”

Fu Yanzhis tone was smooth as if he wasnt carrying someone as he asked, “Why”

Ji Qingying smiled and said bluntly, “You are so hot that your ears are red.”

Her tone of voice was light.

Without even looking at her, Fu Yanzhi knew that her bright eyes were full of cunningness and filled with ridicule like that of a fox again.

It wasnt easy to carry a person on your back.

Fu Yanzhis Adams apple moved as he gulped, as he replied even more softly, “Well, it is hot.”

Ji Qingying, “……”

She still wanted to say something, but Fu Yanzhi suddenly spoke up, “Dont move.”


Ji Qingying said numbly, “Okay.”

There was a little distance between them and the parking lot at the gate.

The passing tourists looked back at them.

But it wasnt surprising.

After a quiet moment, Ji Qingying tried to find a topic to talk about, “Ill ask you another question.”

Before Fu Yanzhi could answer she directly asked, “Have you ever coaxed others like this”

Fu Yanzhi, “……”

He paused.

“Do I look like such a person”

Ji Qingying shook her head.


The answer was obvious.

Ji Qingyings eyes curved with her smile and she asked, “Then have you dated someone before”


Ji Qingying leaned to his ear, and she whispered, “Zhenzhen and the others said you havent.

If you havent dated anyone, how can you be so good”

“Good at what” Fu Yanzhi asked


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