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Chapter 35: Why Are So Manipulative (2)

He asked indifferently.

Ji Qingying felt that he was asking that on purpose.

How would he not know about what she was pointing to

But right now, she was willing to jump into the pit he had dug.


“Coaxing people.”

Fu Yanzhis eyebrow rose with that reply and with a smile, he asked, “Is that a compliment”

Ji Qingying said “En.”

And rubbing against his neck continued, “You could say that too.”

Answering her question, Fu Yanzhi calmly replied, “No.”

She let out an oh and leaned against his ear again, “What a coincidence, same here.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

Out of Ji Qingyings line of sight, his lips slowly curved up.

After speaking, Ji Qingying quickly added.

“Of course, Im just asking randomly, not that I mind such a thing.”

For a man of Fu Yanzhis age and having such accomplishments, even if he said that he had dated before, it would be alright.

She thought about it for a while and whispered, “I thought I had a great eye for things in the past.”

“What about now”

Ji Qingying smiled and bringing her mouth nearer to his ear she whispered again, “Now, I think its actually true.”

Fu Yanzhi chuckled.

The two slowly walked towards the parking lot.

Ye Zhenzhen had wanted to go to the restrooms, so she was just about to get out of the car and go.

But as soon as the door opened, she saw two very familiar people coming closer from a little distance away.

In a flash Ye Zhenzhens hand had got under the car door she had subconsciously closed.


She took a breath as all her fingers got squeezed at the same time.

But at this moment she didnt have time to care about her pain.

Ye Zhenzhen rolled down the car window, quickly turned on her phones camera, took several photos of the two figures, and shared them.

Ye Zhenzhen: [Aunty!!! You are going to have a daughter-in-law!!]

Ye Zhenzhen: [Aunty! My brother has been enlightened.

This year your birthday wish can finally change!]

After she finished doing that, Ye Zhenzhen put down her phone and raised her painfully throbbing pitiful fingers to her eye.

They had gotten swollen.

But then again, as an expert in delivering messages, could she have it easy!

When they got near the car, Fu Yanzhi put Ji Qingying down.

He knocked on the car window and it took a while for the person inside to move.

Ye Zhenzhen yawned and rubbed her eyes before looking at them.

“Brother, Sister Ji, you two are so slow.”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her indifferently.

Ji Qingying laughed.


Ye Zhenzhen nodded then at once became awake.

“Ah! Im going to the bathroom first, you guys wait here.”

After saying that she quickly ran away.

Looking at Ye Zhenzhens back for a while, Ji Qingying asked in a puzzled way, “Didnt Zhenzhen just wake up”

Her skill of making herself awake so easily was way too strong.

Fu Yanzhi raised his head thinking about Ye Zhenzhens acting.

Then he just casually replied, “Maybe.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

“Get in the car.” He then turned and told her.

The pair seated themselves in the car.

Ji Qingying was looking down and checking her phone.

Chen Xinyu had sent her a message.

It was an application form for the national designer competition.

She had participated in the Sanqing competition recently, so there was no reason for her not to participate in the nationwide competition.

Moreover, if one didnt face stronger opponents, they wouldnt be able to grow at all.

Ji Qingying: [Okay, Ill fill it out later when Im home.]

Chen Xinyu: [Also, when I signed you up for Sanqing before, I had added your email address as well but I got an email saying that they couldnt contact you.

They wanted to interview you.

What do you think ]

Ji Qingying: [What do they want to interview me about ]

Chen Xinyu: [Lady, you just won first place in the Sanqing competition.

What do you think they would interview you about]

Ji Qingying: [Thats nice but no thanks.

Theres no need for an interview.


Chen Xinyu: [Ok.]

Fu Yanzhi glanced back at her, and suddenly asked, “Have you made up your mind”


Ji Qingying froze for a few seconds before she realised what he was talking about.

She blinked, nodded, and said, “Ive made up my mind.”

“When do you have a day off”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows.

Ji Qingying laughed.

“I want to borrow you for a day.”

Hearing this, Fu Yanzhi looked at her.

“Is this the reward you want”

“Yes.” She replied while nodding.

She looked at Fu Yanzhi and bit her lip.

“Is it too much”


Fu Yanzhi glanced at her reflection in the rearview mirror catching her eye.

“Is one day enough”

Ji Qingying: “……”

She was silent for a while then fixed her eyes on him and replied, “I want to take this step by step, in case you get scared by me and run away.”


Fu Yanzhi couldnt help himself and the side of his lips curved upwards.

“What do you want to do”

When he said that, Ji Qingyings eyes lit up.

“You arrange it.” She said with confidence.

Fu Yanzhi did not understand.

Ji Qingying propped up her chin and said, “I only want you for one day, but I dont know what to do.

So how about you plan something”

What was with that logic

Fu Yanzhi was speechless for a moment.

“You dont know what to do”

“Yeah, I havent been to a lot of places.”

Fu Yanzhi understood and added, “I have a day off the day after tomorrow.”

On their way back.

Ji Qingying and Ye Zhenzhen were chatting in the back seat and all they talked about was her design.

When the National Designer Competition was mentioned, Ye Zhenzhen became very excited.

“Sister Ji, will you participate”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Yes.”

Ye Zhenzhens eyes lit up with her heightening excitement.

“Then we will come to see you.”

Ji Qingying raised her eyebrows and glanced at Fu Yanzhi.

“I dont know if your brother will be free by then.”

Ye Zhenzhen didnt even think about it and immediately said, “He can arrange a day off, its not like the hospital cant do anything without him.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

Ji Qingying: “……”


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